OnePlus 5T Is No Longer A Rumor: It Will Keep The Headphone Jack

OnePlus 5T Is No Longer A Rumor: It Will Keep The Headphone Jack

The OnePlus 5 was one of the most-anticipated smartphones of this year. Now after two teases, OnePlus has unveiled another smartphone that was rumored for a long time, the OnePlus 5T.

Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus, said in a blog post on Thursday, “The OnePlus 5T – let’s talk about the headphone jack.”

OnePlus 5T
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In the blog post, he wrote in detail about the headphone jack and why so many phone manufacturers have decided to ditch it.

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Still, at the end of the post, he said: “That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’re keeping the headphone jack for the OnePlus 5T.”

As you may already know, letting go of the headphone jack has become commonplace since Apple decided to ditch it for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus last year. Such phones only have USB-C ports that work for charging and using wired headphones and earbuds.

OnePlus has become one of the most-loved smartphone brands, and by keeping the jack on its OnePlus 5T and other models that will come in the future, the company caters to users who are expressing anger towards phone makers such as Apple, Google, Motorola, and HTC, which decided to get rid of it in order to support wireless earbuds and headphones and also accessories that use USB-C ports to connect. Customers find it absurd to spend huge amounts of money for headphones and adaptors that are easy to lose.

Despite a configuration that is relatively similar to competing high-end smartphones, the OnePlus 5 is relatively affordable and costs $479 for 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, while the 8GB of RAM with 128GB of storage option has a $539 price tag. It is expected that the OnePlus 5T won’t be much different than the original OnePlus 5. Still, we will have to wait for the official specs sheet, as OnePlus hasn’t released it yet. The phone maker only spoke about the headphone jack, which confirms that the smartphone is in development.

Which are you more fond of: a headphone jack or wireless/USB-C connection? Do you think it’s good that Google, Motorola, HTC and others have decided to let go of the 3.5mm jack? Please leave a comment.

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