Didn’t Get $260 Tax Rebate Check From Minnesota Yet? What To Do

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The Minnesota Department of Revenue informed yesterday that it has finished processing the one-time tax rebate payments. If you believe that you were eligible for the tax rebate check from Minnesota, but haven’t received it yet, you need to contact the Revenue Department immediately.

Here Is What To Do If You Didn’t Get Tax Rebate Check From Minnesota

On Monday, the Minnesota Department of Revenue announced that it has finished sending out almost $1 billion in rebate payments to more than 2 million residents. The rebate checks started going out in mid-August via direct deposit and nearly all direct deposit payments were completed in a week.

Failed direct deposit payments were automatically switched to a paper check. The department started mailing physical checks from August 21, with the final batch mailed on September 27.

Residents who feel they should have received the tax rebate check from Minnesota, but didn’t get it yet, must contact the Revenue Department at 651-565-6595 or email the department at [email protected]. Before contacting the department, it is recommended that you double check the eligibility requirements on the Department of Revenue’s website.

It is also possible that the department mailed you a rebate check, but you mistakenly threw it away. According to the department, the paper checks were mailed in a plain white envelope from Submittable Holdings in Missoula, Montana.

So, it is possible that the out-of-state return address and nondescript envelope may have made some Minnesotans think the rebate check envelope was junk mail. If such is the case, then you wouldn’t have gotten the rebate check despite being eligible. 

You will, however, be reissued a new check after 60 days. According to the department, a new rebate check is reissued and mailed automatically to the address it has on file if the check is not cashed within 60 days.

If a tax rebate check from Minnesota continues to go unclaimed, it will eventually be directed to the Department of Commerce’s unclaimed property division. In this case, Minnesotans can search their unclaimed property data to check if their rebate check is listed there or not.

Who Qualifies For The Rebate Check?

Lawmakers approved $1 billion in tax rebates this year as part of the $3 billion One Minnesota budget. Eligibility for the rebate checks primarily depends on income. Those with an annual income of $75,000 or less qualify for a one-time payment of $260, while couples with income $150,000 or less qualify for $520.

Additionally, eligible recipients can also claim $260 per qualifying child, for up to three kids. So, the maximum possible rebate that a household can get is $1,300.

In addition to the income requirement, eligible residents must have lived in the state for at least part of the year in 2021 and filed an individual income tax return or a property tax refund, to qualify for the tax rebate check from Minnesota.