Nokia P1 Smartphone, Leaks, Concept Video, And Specs [Rumor]

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For some time now there has been talk of Nokia returning as with new flagship smartphone. However, this once iconic brand and master of all that meant mobile is in fact not producing handsets. Instead, it has given that right to HMD Global which has already launched a budget device. As for a rumored flagship called the Nokia P1 until very recently there had been no meat on the rumor bones. However, recent leaks and a video have given fans some serious hope!

Nokia P1 the Big Reveal

As I mentioned above, HMD Global has tested the market for a possible Nokia return with a low-end device. Called the Nokia 6, it sold well, meaning now there could be plans for up to eight devices. As for what these handsets will be called no one yet knows, however, the Nokia P1 rumor mill is in full flow.

One such rumor suggests that HMD Global will reveal the P1 at the well-known Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Apparently, the company has already secured its place to showcase the device alongside at this moment unknown others.

Concept Video

If you follow mobile technology hype/rumors, you will know it’s standard practice for designers to create renders or videos. For the majority, renders and videos only show what a designer hopes the handset will look like. However, some designers have insider knowledge and tend to produce work which is quite accurate.

Handset Design

As for the Nokia P1 concept video above, no indication has been given as to its validity. So, I must assume that this is just what the creator is hoping gets delivered! If you watch the video, the first noticeable thing is how Samsung like the design of this concept is. Like one of the South Koreans handsets, it has a rectangular home button flanked by capacitive keys on either side.

Sticking with what maybe the design of a future Nokia P1, the designer is hoping that HMD Global keeps pace. As it clearly has a body made of glass and metal with the home button also acting as a fingerprint sensor. Moving to the rear of the device there’s a camera with a three tone flash which will help to provide good results in low-light.

Additionally, there’s the Nokia branding and what looks like a volume rocker and power button on the sides.

Nokia P1 Smartphone, Leaks, Concept Video, And Specs [Rumor]
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It’s quite obvious that HMD Global is trying to keep as much about the Nokia P1 as it can under wraps. So, as with all the information here, the following specifications should be taken with a pinch of salt!

Starting with the display different rumors say contradictory things. However, there’s the possibility of a screen size somewhere between 5.3 and 5.5-inches. As for its resolution, 1080×1920 would be a good estimation.

Will HMD follow Samsung’s lead as is hoped by the designer of the video render? Some rumors suggest it will by providing a 2.5D curved panel which will be protected by Gorilla Glass. Again there’s conflicting talk about whether it will be water-resistant or not, so we will have to wait and see.

As for what will be proving the computing power, it’s thought that the recently revealed Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 will do that. And be supported by a massive 6GB of RAM, which if true would make it a serious flagship competitor.

Moving onto internal storage, the consensus so far reached suggest two variants will be on offer. These will be 128GB and 256GB options, which may be required if the handset does not support memory cards.

Finally, there’s the camera which like many previous Nokia handsets of old will come with Carl Zeiss optics. Regarding specs, the jury is out as the primary camera could have a sensor anywhere from 22.6MP and 24MP. As for the front-facing shooter, a more than capable 8MP sensor is expected, aimed at those who like selfies.

Handset Price

Right now there is very little information to go one that can be considered valid. However, that has not stopped people guessing, in fact, has grabbed the bull by the horns. It suggests the Nokia P1 variants will be priced as follows: 128GB $800 and the 256GB $950.

Expected to run on Android Nougat out of the box there is no word when the Nokia P1 will hit the shelves. However, your best bet for finding out is to check regularly check back between now and March 2nd. Because as soon as one of my colleagues or I know more we will publish!

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