New York Is The Slowest State To Sell A Home

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  • New York is the slowest state to sell your home in with an average of 59.83 days taken to close a sale
  • Massachusetts and Delaware have an average of 41 days to close a sale
  • Nationwide, closing a sale on a home takes an average of 33.5 days

When transacting real estate, one must consider how long it takes to close the sale, especially if the plan is to sell a home and buy another at the same time.

The Slowest States To Sell Real Estate

Luxury realtors at RubyHome Real Estate analyzed Zillow data detailing the average time to close a sale in each state and then compiled the data to show the ten states where it is slowest to sell a home.

New York

New York ranks as the slowest state to sell a home, with an average of 59.83 days to close in 2023. This is 9% faster than the same period in 2022, which had an average of 66.28 days to close in the state.

New Jersey

New Jersey is second in the rankings, with an average of 47.75 days to close during the first quarter of 2023. In 2022 during the same period, the average number of days to close was 53.31.


Maryland ranks third, dropping from 48.17 days to close in 2022 to 44.88 days to close on average in 2023. This is a difference of 3.29 days, with homes selling 6% faster in 2023.


Connecticut is the fourth easiest state to sell, with an average of 43.85 days to close in 2023. In 2022, the average days to close stood at 47.45, a difference of 3.60 days.


Massachusetts ranks fifth with an average of 41.85 days to close in 2023. In 2022 during the first quarter, Massachusetts had an average of 44.70 days to close.

RankStateQ1 2022 average days to closeQ1 2023 average days to close% Change
1New York66.2859.839%
2New Jersey53.3147.7510%
9Rhode Island43.5039.509%
10South Dakota45.7538.7515%


Delaware has the sixth fastest-selling homes, with an average of 41.25 days to close in 2023. This is down from an average of 45.75 days to close in 2022, a difference of 4.50 days or 9% faster than in 2022.


Hawaii ranks seventh with an average of 40.38 days in 2023, a difference of 6.50 days from the 2022 average of 46.88 days. This means that homes sold 13% faster in 2023 than in the same period in 2022.


Pennsylvania is seventh with 40.11 days to close, Rhode Island is just behind with 39.50 days, and South Dakota has an average of 38.75 days to close. These three states take an average of 39.45 days to close a house sale in 2023.

A spokesperson for RubyHome Real Estate commented on the findings:

“Though the national average to close a sale in real estate is 33.5 days, market conditions can make this figure higher or lower. For a fast sale, looking at pricing a home competitively and realistically is essential, utilizing strategies such as dropping the price below a rounded number.

“In hot markets where sales activity is high, selling a home can take longer than the average due to a limited workforce of property appraisers and inspectors. The number of homes on the market can also affect the time it takes to close a sale, with rural areas becoming more popular and affordable than inner-city areas.”