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Beautiful Natural Stone Decoration Ideas for Your Home

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Natural stone floors represent an outstanding backdrop for a variety of home design schemes. Interior decorators who work with natural stone have a whole index of different styles which they use to describe a range of designs. Whether you opt for traditional or contemporary, each niche has its colour palette across a range of textures. Here’s a quick guide to interior decoration with natural stone, as well as a few tested ideas.

Traditional stone decoration

Traditional schemes are favoured by homeowners who prefer designs that stand the test of time without sacrificing either class or style. Just as you would use wood, metals, and floral wall treatments to create a home interior with a traditional flavour, you can go with a stone design that promotes traditional aspects of décor. For example, a dark cedar marble countertop can act as a binding element in a traditional kitchen which has a floral grape mural as a backdrop. Before embarking on this do-over, however, beware of the prices and have your finances planned to a crossed t. You can find a renovation calculator that might help you control and adapt to your budget.


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Eclectic and modern stone decoration

In the other corner of the design spectrum, the modern and eclectic style includes abstract works of art, minimalistic palettes which are often two-toned and monochromatic, as well as clean lines that incline to geometric designs. They also tend to rely on ‘white space’ a lot, especially if a room doesn’t have a lot of furnishing. A natural stone feature can also be used as a focal point or accent in the design. Unlike purely modern styles, the eclectic approach combines several styles, for example using traditional furnishings with contemporary design features.

Art Deco refreshment

Evolved in the Roaring Twenties, Art Deco has always had a fresh and slightly bold look. Taking the ideals of fun and flirty to the next level, Art Deco relies on materials that were considered modern 100 years ago, and are still considered the mainstays of contemporary designs – metal and glass. However, the metal look can be created using metallic finishes in tiles as well. With the addition of glass trimmings, even stone tiles can have a genuine Art Deco theme.

Natural stone: Durable and lasting

Beautiful, resilient, easy to maintain, and leave homeowners plenty of choices to fit them to the existing room decors. They also add value to your property, as real estate agents and appraisers are more like to give your home a higher price estimate if there are natural stone features. However, even though they are more durable than most interior materials, granite. Marble, limestone, slate, and quartzite are not indestructible, so if you invest in elaborate stone floor or island kitchen countertop, you may as well re-evaluate your insurance policy. Find an insurer you can trust, and ask for a home insurance quote on a package that covers your interior furnishings in case of weather disasters, fires, or intentional damage.

Charm of Araby

Relying on strong colours with plenty of gold glitter, Arabian- and Moorish-influenced designed are intricate and repetitive, like those marvellous examples of Alhambra walls. The main purpose of these designs is to evoke a halo of extreme wealth and luxury, such as you can find in a sultan’s palace. Homeowners with a penchant for Oriental designs can even combine waterjet marble pieces into an intricate stone Persian rug that seems as if it can float off the floor at a magic word.

Stylistic Asian natural stone

Apart from traditional, modern, and contemporary, you can consider other, more uniquely marked designed scheme. Japanese-influenced designs often rely on natural stone mosaics that depict simple themes, such as blossoming boughs or bonsai trees. For more exotic Zen-like designs, consider darker stone varieties, such as grey limestone or pebbled tile, for a Japanese-themed rock garden spa bath.

Bold strokes od Baroque

Known for its dramatic and highly ornate decoration practices, the period of Baroque ruled the European art and music scene in the 17th century, retaining a ton of its Old Word appeal even today. With Baroque design schemes, less is never more, and in natural stone features, it translates to dramatic dark colours and intricate winding curves. Baroque-style stone tiles should have extravagant texture and details, such as etched stone surfaces often used in bathrooms for adding a third dimension to the space.

Vertical aspect to natural stone

When it comes to interior décor, natural stone isn’t reserved only for floors. A wide variety of stones, such as limestone, sandstone, and slate lend themselves beautifully to a range of wall décor applications that are both simple to make and durable. Using stone for wall decorations can give your room a natural and warm feel, especially if it’s intensified with indirect lighting. Going with stones of different sizes or types allows you to create a more dynamic space. Most homeowners prefer to decorate one half of the wall with natural stone and paint the other in a complementary colour for a more dramatic two-texture look.

Natural stone designs can provide unique possibilities for your home flooring, unlike any other material. Working great along with traditional, modern, as well as exotic interior themes such as Japanese and Oriental, natural stone allows you to match the design of an existing space to your new floor or wall decoration, rounding up the style you’ve chosen.

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