MQM Leader Abdul Rashid Godil Shot In Pakistan

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MQM Member of Pakistan’s National Assembly Abdul Rashid Godil is out of danger but is in the hospital after being shot while sitting in his car. Gunmen shot him at least five times, wounding the lawmaker and killing his driver.

Other MQM lawmakers also threatened

According to police, four gunmen riding two motorcycles shot at Godil’s car as they drove past. Deputy Police Superintendent Nasir Lodhi said the bullets hit the opposition leader’s chest, jaw and neck, reports Reuters. Lodhi added that the assailants made sure of Godil’s identity before opening fire. Police are investigating the attack.

According to, the MQM leader came through emergency surgery and now was said to be in critical condition due to extreme blood loss. He is reported to be on a ventilator. Rumors suggesting that he died have been circulating, but fellow MQM Member of National Assembly Ali Raza Abidi denied those rumors and confirmed that Godil’s condition has been stabilized.

Abidi also tweeted that all of the members of the MQM party have been threatened, which could mean anyone of the opposition party’s members could be next.

MQM members resign

Twenty-four members of the National Assembly, including Godil, recently resigned in protest over several leaders’ arrests, and the government is trying to draw them back into the National Assembly. The two sides were in talks at MQM’s headquarters in Karachi. The MPs called the recent arrests of some party activists a “denial of due process,” according to Reuters.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s administration is trying to convince them to return to Parliament to return stability to Karachi even though their resignations do not keep the assembly from functioning.

Godil’s attack derails talks

The talks were cut short by Godil’s attack, and the MQM said in a statement that its leaders are holding an emergency meeting to discuss what they should do next. MQM Parliamentary leader Farooq Sattar told the media that they had been making progress toward a reconciliation between the government and the opposition party.

Fazl-ur-Rehman, who leads a minority party, said the attack was aimed at sabotaging the negotiations. He was representing the government in the talks between MQM and the government. He added that MQM intends to continue the talks in spite of the attack and that they will resume on a yet-to-be-decided date in Islamabad.

Every political party (including leaders) condemned the attack on MQM’s Rashid Godil:

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