Milken Panel: Discovering Value in Volatile Markets

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Treasure Hunters: Discovering Value in Volatile Markets

Note the chair of the panel Drobny has a great piece on Kyle Bass which can be found here.

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James Reynolds, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Loop Capital
Tad Rivelle, Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income, TCW
Jonathan Seiffer, Partner, Leonard Green & Partners
Steven Shapiro, Founding Partner and Senior Portfolio Manager, GoldenTree Asset Management LP
Stephen Toy, Senior Managing Director and Co-Head, WL Ross & Co. LLC

Steven Drobny, Founder and CEO, Drobny Capital

With the issuance of covenant-lite loans soaring to record volumes and the number of IPOs rivaling that of the dot-com bubble, there are signs of excessive risk-taking in the marketplace. Though that’s making some investors nervous, there are always opportunities. Maybe it’s time to put the premium on price sensitivity and focus on value. Which corners of numerous markets–equity, fixed income, real estate and beyond–are turning up the best bargains? What parts of the capital structure present the most opportunity at this point in the cycle? How do investors incorporate a margin of safety in their calculations, and what role does contrarian analysis play in digging up treasures where others see trash? We will ask our expert panel for a map to undervalued markets.

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