Loeb Bests Einhorn In August, Now ‘Leads’ With 6% YTD Return

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On Friday, we reported August returns for Dan Loeb and David Einhorn. We will not be doing our ‘monthly Einhorn and Loeb’ article because we analyzed letters to investors from both famous investors recently (and had other related articles) and its Labor Day weekend. See the latest on their positions below (more on Loeb will be coming soon when available) and we also included Hugh Hendry because why not?

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Dan Loeb

August YTD 2014
+1.6% +5.9%

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David Einhorn

As of 31-August-2014, the largest disclosed long positions in Greenlight’s investment portfolio are Alpha Bank, Apple, gold, Marvell Technology, Micron Technology and SunEdison; our investment portfolio is approximately 109% long and 67% short.  All exposure information is calculated on a delta adjusted basis and excludes credit default swaps, interest rate swaps, sovereign debt, currencies, commodities, and derivatives on any of these instruments.

Net Monthly Returns:

August 2014: 0.3%

Net Quarterly Returns:

 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
1st……….    (0.7)%    5.8%  6.5%    (3.4)% (1.9)%
2nd………    8.1 2.0 (3.3) (1.9) 2.6
3rd……….     (2.3)(2) 4.0 8.8 0.1 3.6
4th……….    — 6.6 (4.4) 7.6 6.5
Full Year     4.8(3)
19.6 7.1 2.1  11.0 

Hugh Hendry

Screenshot_35 Loeb

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