Will There Be An iPhone 9 Pencil?

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The iPhone X design is the biggest change in iPhone design we have seen in… Well… Forever. The bezel-less display, loss of the home button, and realigned camera sensors show that Apple is serious about taking a huge leap forward with the iPhone. Now that the iPhone X has been revealed, the focus inevitably has shifted to what Apple will do next. Could an iPhone 9 pencil be in the works?


It makes sense that Apple would want to introduce an iPhone 9 Pencil. They need a reason to convince Apple fans to update their device every year or two in order to maintain their impressive sales volume. Plus, the iPhone X is an entirely new tier of iPhone much like the iPad Pro is an entirely new tier of iPad. Offering additional exclusive features like Apple Pencil support helps make these “Pro” products feel more luxurious.

There is also the fact that we know Apple has been working on an iPhone 9 Pencil… Or, I should say, an Apple Pencil for an iPhone. We assume that the pencil will launch with the next iPhone but this may be a project for another year or two down the road. There are patents showing Apple Pencil working with an iPhone and even patents that show two different sizes of Apple Pencil which could suggest the iPhone 9 Pencil will be more compact than the pencil we see with the iPad Pro.

These latest rumors about an iPhone 9 Pencil come as the Galaxy Note 8 is proving to be the most popular Galaxy Note device ever. People clearly like having the option to use a stylus and, as technology continues to develop, what we can do with a smartphone stylus is more and more impressive. Plus, who doesn’t love drawing on their Snaps, right?

The big question on everyone’s mind is whether Apple would include the iPhone 9 Pencil as part of the purchase or if it will be sold separately. The cynic in me thinks it could go both ways. First, they could include it with the new iPhone and use that new feature as a chance to finally push the starting price of the flagship iPhone past $1000. The other option is to sell it separately and make money hand over fist as iPhone fans stock up on accessories when they buy their new device. Sell someone a new iPhone, get them a case, a pair of AirPods, an Apple Pencil, an extra charger… Before you know it this $999 iPhone is pushing $1500 to $2000 depending on storage.

Still, adding new features is always welcome when it comes to smartphones and we have seen Apple make some good moves recently with the addition of wireless charging, for example. A lot of artists who are heavily entrenched in the Mac and iOS ecosystem would love to see an iPhone 9 Pencil to help them do their work.


What do you think about an Apple Pencil for iPhone? Would you pick one up or is it an unnecessary accessory? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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