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Want to trade-in your iPhone 8? Try this

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Following the subdued reception to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus from media and tech experts across the U.S., tech recycling site Decluttr.com has reported an unusually high number of trade-ins of the device, with more trade-ins of the 8 and 8 Plus received than any other previous new iPhone launched.

iPhone 8 Trade-ins
Image Source: Apple.com (screenshot)

And with the iPhone X shipping soon, the site is expecting even more devices across a range of models to be traded-in, especially with values being at their highest to date.

The site’s latest depreciation stats show that now is the best time for consumers to trade in their old devices. Consumers looking to trade-in their old device ahead of upgrading can get up to 30 percent more if they trade-in prior to the October 27 pre-order date of the iPhone X. Current trade-in values for a device that’s in good condition are as below:

Model Trade-in Value
iPhone 8 Plus Up to $630
iPhone 8 Up to $500
iPhone 7 Up to $347.00
iPhone 6s Plus Up to $271.00
iPhone 6s Up to $260.00
iPhone 6 Plus Up to $206.00
iPhone 6 Up to $165.00
iPhone 5s Up to $83.10
Galaxy Note 5 Up to $160.00
Galaxy S7 Edge Up to $193.00
Galaxy Note 4 Up to $92.00
Galaxy S6 Edge Up to $135.00
Galaxy S6 Up to $135.00

“Following the recent Apple launch, all the buzz and excitement has been around the iPhone X,” said Decluttr.com CMO Liam Howley. “The iPhone 8 has perhaps been less well received than previous handsets from what we’re being told in the tech press and we’re now actually seeing that for ourselves, through our own customers’ trade-ins.

“Many customers have obviously decided that they would prefer to sell the iPhone 8 while its value is at its highest, up to $630 for the 8 Plus, and put the money towards the new iPhone X which will cost $999 but comes with a host of new features, such as an edge-to-edge display, facial recognition, emoji’s and OLED technology.”

“Once a new phone enters the top of the market, all older phones will drop in price,” said Howley.

“We always see an increase in trade-ins ahead of any new iPhone launch. With the ability to lock-in prices at Decluttr for 14 days, our tech price promise, super-fast next day payments and free shipping, alongside the excitement of the iPhone X launch, we expect to have our busiest period of the year so far.”

For more information, please visit: www.decluttr.com.


About Decluttr

Decluttr.com is a fast, easy and free way to sell tech, cell phones, CDs, DVDs, games, books and Lego.

The service removes all of the stress of selling unwanted items online. All customers need to do is visit the site or download the app, enter the barcode of the item or scan it, get an instant price, pack into any box and ship them for free to Decluttr.

Thanks to Decluttr’s fast next day payments, customers get paid the day after their items arrive at HQ by direct deposit, PayPal or check – or they can even donate the money they make to charity. To date, the site has paid more than $200m to over 4 million customers –  and the service is growing faster than ever.

Decluttr.com been featured on Good Morning America, ABC News, Fox News, The Penny Hoarder, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal and much more.

For more information on trade-in values, visit www.decluttr.com.

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