New Improvements Arrive For iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak

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The Saigon jailbreak solution for iOS 10.2.1 has been a pretty big source of jailbreaking new over the past few weeks. First we heard that a jailbreak was possible but you had to be a developer in order to make use of it. Obviously, most people are not iOS developers. However, it didn’t take long for an iOS 10.2.1 Saigon jailbreak IPA file to be released. This allowed users to sideload the IPA file to their device and jailbreak their device without requiring development knowledge.

Jailbreak Issues Showing Up For Some

However, after more and more users began to jailbreak their devices there were some issues popping up. Luckily, developers have quickly stepped up to fix some of the most glaring issues that showed up after jailbreaking with the Saigon jailbreak tool. Here’s the changelog from the newest version:

  • Fix for camera not working after jailbreaking
  • Support for iPhone 6s Plus/iPad Mini 4/iPad Air 2
  • Minor bug fixes and changes
  • Slightly better at escaping sandbox
  • Option to reinstall Cydia by holding ‘jailbreak’ button then tapping it again
  • Display device model and version

That camera fix is huge as these smartphone cameras are one of the most-used features in any device. Plus, losing the ability to use your camera just because of a jailbreak kind of defeats the purpose of jailbreaking. People jailbreak their devices to gain features; not lose them.

It also appears that support has been expanded for this jailbreak. We were a little confused last week when the Saigon jailbreak tool was first released as an IPA file and only a few devices were supported. It appears there were a few fixes needed to make the jailbreak work with the above devices.

The “minor bug fixes and changes” isn’t very descriptive. Likely just small issues that were fixed that didn’t affect all devices. There is also an added option for reinstalling Cydia that looks to be pretty quick and simple.

Dedicated Developers Continue To Work On Saigon Jailbreak

This new Saigon jailbreak is showing a lot of promise in its short life already. Developers seem to be very committed to supporting the iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak and users will definitely respect that level of support. Issues will always come up with a jailbreak. Even Apple runs into issues with their own official iOS releases. If the Saigon jailbreak devs continue to work this hard then I imagine there will be a lot of satisfied jailbreakers in the community.

What do you think about this constant stream of Saigon jailbreak news? Is it reassuring that developers are supporting their product so much or would you rather see a stable release before you think about jailbreaking? Let us know your thoughts below!

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