September 7 Is A Big Day For Both Apple And Sony – Here’s Why

September 7 Is A Big Day For Both Apple And Sony – Here’s Why

September 7 could go down as one of the most important days in consumer electronics history because both Sony and Apple are expected to launch new hardware: the highly-anticipated PlayStation Neo and the much-rumored iPhone 7. So here’s what I expect the reactions of both sets of fans will be, who will be buying them, where you can watch the launches, and more!

iPhone 7 and PlayStation Neo Launch event

September 7 Launch Day

If the PlayStation Neo and the iPhone 7 are going to be your very first experiences of big electronics product launches, you’re in for a huge surprise. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram will probably all be flooded with chatter hours before and after each product is unveiled.

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As for Apple’s iPhone 7, while the chatter will be really huge, almost to the point that you just want to switch off, it probably will not have the reach to persuade millions to go out and purchase it on the day of release. Why? If you own an iPhone, your choice of console is not limited to your loyalty to Apple, meaning you could buy a Nintendo, Xbox, or Sony console. On the other hand, if you’re a Sony console fan, your choice of handset OS is iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, and that is why I believe the PlayStation Neo and its chatter will have a much larger reach on launch day.

I realize that not every iPhone user is a fanboy, but they certainly are going to be noisy, and while it may not be as widespread as those who talk about the PlayStation Neo, I believe they will be the loudest.

Who wants one?

This question is a difficult one because the answer is filled with so many nuances that it is not possible to give a straight one. So here are some possibilities…

PlasyStation Neo: For me, the Neo could be my return to PlayStation gaming, and here’s why. I currently own an Xbox One, and to be honest, I often find myself frustrated with its jumpy, slow, and often unusable interface. Yes, Microsoft has tried to tweak it to make it more user-friendly, but I think the issues I experience are hardware-related. As such, I have no confidence in Xbox for the future. I expect this will be one real reason why many other users are considering the PlayStation Neo.

Another huge reason someone may want to switch to the Neo is its support for virtual reality gaming. The console is set to be the first on the market that has VR support and will soon be joined by Sony’s own VR headset, the PlayStation VR. The headset will plug straight into the Neo and take a user away on fantastic adventures! Personally, I think this will be the reason the PlayStation Neo will be the fastest selling console of all time!

iPhone 7: If you have been closely following the rumors surrounding the iPhone 7, then you will know that there is talk about it being almost identical in design to the iPhone 6s Plus and 6s. It is also said to be only offering minor hardware upgrades, which is hugely underwhelming considering how much it will cost someone to update. I realize that the rumors are just that, but when trying to work out why someone would want to buy something, so far the iPhone 7 does not seem to have much going for it.

One reason for upgrading could be that you’re an iPhone owner and want one in a different color like Space Black, Deep Blue, Rose Gold, or even the rumored Metalic Blue. Alternatively, you may just want the latest Apple has to offer even though it is only an incremental upgrade.

So as it currently stands, it looks like potential PlayStation Neo owners have the most to gain from either upgrading from the PS4 or switching from Xbox or Nintendo. As for the iPhone 7, without knowing what it will of for certain, I expect only fanboys/dedicated Apple followers are excited at the moment.

September 7 Is A Big Day For Both Apple And Sony - Here's Why
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iPhone 7 launch event and live streaming

Apple is keeping all of the information about the exact location of the upcoming iPhone 7 launch on September 7 as quiet as possible. So as with everyone else who is talking about this on the Internet, I will have to guess. Last year, Apple launched the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in San-Francisco at the 750-seater Yerba Buena Centre. Will this be the location of the iPhone 7 launch this year? Your guess is as good as mine.

As for watching a live stream of the event, Apple has had rather strict guidelines in the past as to who can watch it and on what device. In September 2015, it required an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with Safari on iOS 7.0 or later, a Mac with Safari 6.0.5 and later on OS X v10.8.5 and later, or a computer running on Windows 7, 8, or 10. However, Windows 10 also required Microsoft Edge. If you had an Apple TV, it had to be either a second or third generation model running on software 6.2 or later or a fourth generation Apple TV.

PlayStation Neo launch event and live streaming

Sony’s PlayStation Neo launch event is not surrounded by as much mystery as the iPhone 7 event is. The event is due to be held at the PlayStation Theatre in New York City at 3 p.m. Eastern. However, no information as to the price of the console is currently available.

If you want to live-stream the launch of the Neo live, Sony has confirmed plans to provide such a service but as of yet has not revealed how to access the stream.

Final thoughts

So on September 7, two of the biggest consumer electronics companies on the planet are expected to show off new hardware, each in separate markets and neither directly in competition with one another — other than for the eyes, ears, and the money of the general public.

Personally, I already know which of the two products has me most excited. Do you?

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