PlayStation VR Specs, Price, Release Date

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Sony has big plans for the virtual reality world this year, and with the PlayStation VR headset set to release later this year along with several games and experiences, it could be the most popular standalone virtual reality headset on the market when it releases.

Sony’s PlayStation VR headset has been the center of attention since its announcement back in 2014. It has since generated much excitement as it doesn’t require a high-end gaming PC to operate like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and instead would be powered by the PlayStation 4. Now, two years on and the Playstation VR has finally been given an official release date, pricing, and specs. It’s just a matter of months now, my fellow gamers. So, what can we expect?

PlayStation VR specs

Inside the headset itself is a 5.7-inch OLED display running at full HD resolution. This translates to 960×1080 per eye with a 100-degree field of view. This is slightly lower than the 2160×1200 found on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, which both have greater fields of view at about 110 degrees.

The PlayStation VR headset has its competition beat when it comes to frame rate, however, as it boasts a 120Hz refresh rate, allowing users to view content at up to 120fps (frames per second).

Processing power, while chiefly provided by the PS4, is also provided by a small box that connects between the consoles and the headset. The PlayStation Eye camera keeps track of head and motion tracking, allowing users to turn 360 degrees for a completely immersive experience.

The VR headset also has the ability to keep track of your location in a physical space, though the area is slightly smaller compared to that of the HTC Vive. For those playing along with you, the headset broadcasts what you are seeing onto a television so they can see what’s going on, too.

What games are available?

The PlayStation VR will launch with around 50 titles and immersive experiences, and there are several to look out for. Sony has unveiled several titles, among them a Star Wars: Battlefront VR experience, a Batman VR experience, and a Final Fantasy XV VR experience. Additionally, a reboot of the puzzler Rez, called Rez Infinite, will be available upon launch. Farpoint, a first-person shooter, will also be released on launch day. This is only a handful of titles that will be available for purchase once the headset is released.

Price and release

The biggest question here is obviously “When can I buy it?” Sony has confirmed a release date of October 13, so gamers only have a few more months to wait.

As far as price, the headset is priced at $399 in the United States, the same price as the PS4 console when it was released in 2013. However, there’s a catch, as this is just the bare bones price. A PlayStation Eye camera, which is required to use the VR headset, is sold separately. Those who don’t already have one can expect to pay another $50 or so.

PlayStation VR games and experiences will work alongside the standard DualShock 4 controller, but it is advisable to invest in a pair of PlayStation Move wands, as they can be tracked by the camera and will allow for a more immersive experience.

Although October 13 is the official release date, many customers might have to wait a little bit longer to get their hands on a headset, says PlayStation boss Andrew House. “We have growing confidence that we’ll be supply constrained with this product, but we’ll do our very best to meet demand,” he said. Get those preorders it!

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  1. Your looking at half of the processing power that the VR uses since it also has its own processor that works in tandom. You also need to remember that the FPS of the PS4 games has more to do with the game developers optimization. Look at it this way. Go here . Look at the graphics, and then go here .This is the same PS4 they are running on, but depending on the developers game engine and optimization the first looks like a ps1 game, while the other is definitely PS4.

  2. 120Hz refresh rate, allowing users to view content at up to 120fps (frames per second).
    as my ps4 struggles 60Fps are the new games for the VR running twice the frame rate or is it just showing each frame twice so it sounds fast, i was hoping for a higher spec, when a 4tv needs to be 75″ to view at no more than 7ft from screen and thousands of pounds shame the VR can’t simulate this.

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