iPhone SE vs iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6S Plus: Durability Tests

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Often we tend to make snap judgements when it comes to our smartphones but one that we should take a second look at before doing this is the Apple iPhone SE. This device is being put through its paces as iPhone enthusiasts worldwide now have access to it. No doubt it has already seen its fair share of water to see how it is going to survive the many different forms of water testing that we dream up, to determine just how good it is at resisting water. What should be evident to those that are smartphone savvy is that this 4 inch Apple iPhone SE should not be under estimated.  Okay it’s not as big and eye catching as the soon to be released iPhone 7 will be.

The iPhone SE versus the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

While many of like to think of ourselves as true testers when it comes to our communication devices and really believe that we put them through the tests of all tests, this is nothing compared to what SquareTrade does  in their testing video. Be forewarned though unless you have a lot of money for replacements don’t do this yourself.

Now no doubt you want to know the findings of this grueling test without the testing expense that comes with it, and the breakability results are….

The iPhone SE  – 5.5 medium risk

The iPhone 6s – 4 medium risk

The iPhone 6s Plus – 6.5 medium risk

If you are ready to gasp in awe then you can watch the durability testing yourself:

So the IPhone SE held its own pretty good and now you can see why we suggest that you don’t underestimate it.

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