Supposed iPhone 12 dummy sports smart connector

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Rumors about the iPhone 12 are already running rampant even though the device’s release is probably almost a year away. The latest rumor comes in the form of an alleged iPhone 12 dummy. On one hand, the design is like what we have been hearing already: an iPhone 4-like shape. However, the original source of the dummy isn’t exactly trustworthy.

iPhone 12 dummy revealed

Macotakara shared images of the iPhone 12 dummy, which have been picked up by tech blogs across the West. While Macotakara itself tends to be a fairly reliable source when it comes to leaks and rumors, but the Japanese-language blog got the images from Alibaba, which isn’t a truly reliable source.

Nonetheless, some interesting tidbits can be gleaned from the supposed iPhone 12 dummy. The most obvious thing is that it’s shaped a bit more like the iPhone 4, which is what analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been claiming for next year’s line-up for months.

The sides are boxier, and the edges are flatter, bringing the design back to what it was like in the iPhone 4. Apple has already shifted to a boxier design for the 11-inch and 12-inch iPad Pro, so it would make sense to follow suit for the iPhone line-up next year.

Smart connector spotted

One other interesting thing about the alleged iPhone 12 dummy is that it shows what appears to be some kind of smart connector. It’s unclear what such a connector might be used for. The connector is of a similar shape as the magnetic connector on the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models.

Macotakara suggests that the smart connector could be for a thinner, smaller version of the Apple Pencil designed specifically for the iPhone. If Apple has Samsung’s Galaxy Note series in its signs, then that certainly is a possibility.

Not the first Apple Pencil rumor for the iPhone

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time we’re hearing a rumor about a smart connector and Apple Pencil for the iPhone. If we look all the way back to rumors about the iPhone 7, there were reports about the iPhone supposedly coming with a smart connector and an Apple Pencil. At the time, the rumor mill referred to the handset as the “iPhone 7 Pro.”

Given that we now have iPhone models with the “Pro” moniker, an Apple Pencil would make a natural addition, especially if the company wants to target professional users who prefer Samsung’s Galaxy Note line.

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