Apple’s iPhone 11: The Wish List

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The iPhone 11 will undoubtedly be one of the most important smartphone releases of 2018, and there are already reports that Apple is preparing something outstanding for this critical release. But there is always a bit of a gulf between the desires of Apple fans and the ultimate iPhone device. So what would we really like to see the iPhone 11 deliver?

External storage

The iPhone 11 will be intrinsically attached to the iOS 12 operating system release, and it would be excellent news were Apple to deliver external storage in this latest operating system release. Apple has already added the Files application to the armory of iOS 11, making the managing of files from an external storage device much easier.

But it would be an extra tool in the armory of this aspect of iOS and the iPhone if it was possible to open external files. The reason that this is impossible is not really known, although there are suspicions that security plays a part. Regardless of the reasoning, it would be refreshing if Apple could deliver this in 2018.

Home button

Yes, we know that the days of the Home button are limited, but it would still be nice if Apple were to include one in the iPhone 11 and its 2018 range of smartphones products. Users still value this perennial physical aspect of the Apple smartphone, and it would be pleasing to see this feature included in the iPhone 11.

AirPods in the box

Apple has placed a particular emphasis on music playback recently, particularly with the acquisition of the Beats brand. Yet its flagship smartphone comes complete with some mediocre earbuds, which don’t really show off the full capabilities of the smartphone in the music department. It would be far more preferable if the iPhone 11 was to come complete with AirPods. But this is probably not something we should hold our breath waiting for.

OLED display across the board

While it was refreshing that Apple finally embraced the superior OLED technology for the last iPhone release, it was also a little disappointing that it was reserved for the premium iPhone X. With Apple having finally acknowledged that OLED is superior to LCD, it would be pleasing if the display technology was included in every version of the iPhone 11 generation.

Sadly, reports on the matter have suggested that there will be tow Apple smartphones relying on LCD technology later this year. But we can still hope…


Again, the dual-camera in the iPhone X is widely acknowledged to be one of the best available on the market. However, it is still limited to the larger versions of the Apple flagship smartphone, meaning that consumers wanting the more affordable smartphone are cut out of the loop. It would therefore be extremely desirable for Apple to include dual-cameras in the three models that are rumored for 2018.

4K resolution

Again, this is probably a long shot, but the iPhone range could embrace 4K resolution in 2018 as well. At least one model of the iPhone 11 could deliver this screen resolution, which could be considered essential considering the large display being linked with the premium device in the series.

However, whether Apple will indeed embrace 4K resolution considering that it already improved the resolution of the iPhone range just last year is doubtful. But it will be a genuine point of debate when the iPhone 11 emerges, as the biggest ever display of 6.5-inches is being linked with the premium iPhone 11, and this would be a natural companion for 4K resolution.

Three models

There have been many rumors over recent years regarding the smartphone marketplace, with numerous manufacturers being linked with multiple device releases. Yet when the proof has appeared in the pudding, these have often not been forthcoming. For example, the Google Pixel 2 range was linked with three separate devices, yet the manufacturer ultimately stuck with merely two.

Ahead of the release of the iPhone 11, it has been strongly rumored that Apple will indeed release three separate models. This is such a strong suggestion that many are already assuming it to be an absolute concrete fact. So it would be welcome if Apple was to actually stick to this early suggestion and indeed release three separate iPhone 11 units when September rolls around.

Faster LTE speeds

As much as the iPhone series is one of the most advanced among smartphones, there can often be problems with utilizing its mobile Internet functionality. Many users report problems in this department, much though Apple will defend the Internet-browsing capabilities of the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

So it would be excellent news if the improved LTE chips from Qualcomm and Intel that have been linked with the iPhone 11 ultimately emerge. Coupled with a faster A12 processor, this would add up to a speedier and slick package for Apple fans.

Better battery life

The other big gripe with the iPhone range is the lifecycle of the unit. iPhone 11 releases are often criticized for that relatively paltry battery life, so it would certainly be advisable for Apple to improve on this with the iPhone 11. This would seem to be particularly important if Apple intends to release an iPhone 11 with a larger screen, and also increase the resolution of the device.

New camera

Finally, Barclays has already suggested that the 2018 iPhone range will benefit from a brand-new TrueDepth camera system. This could be accompanied by a reduction of the notch that was a criticized aspect of the iPhone design last year. All in all, this would add up to an improved photographic system, while the snapper could also deliver spec upgrades as well.

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