iOS 12 Features And Rumors: What To Expect From Apple

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Ahead of the next Apple operating system release, many Apple fans already have a wish list of potential iOS 12 features. The latest mobile software from Apple has been out long enough for both developers and users to get to grips with its bells and whistles, and an updated wish list for iOS 12 is thus entirely relevant.


Top of the list of iOS 12 features will be a significant redesign of the software. The front end of the system that drives the iconic iPhone has undoubtedly been hugely influential, but there is still room for improvement. Furthermore, even the most successful software needs to be updated regularly, and there hasn’t been a major new design introduced to the iOS operating system since iOS 7 was released.

Whether or not this redesign is likely to the included in the forthcoming iOS 12 features is debatable. Many believe that Apple will go for incremental upgrade rather than revolution with iOS 12. But the consumer electronics giant has been more willing to listen to its customers in recent years, and that this could see iOS 12 redesigned next year.

Dark Mode

One of the most requested iOS 12 wishes remains the so-called dark mode, which many Apple fans hoped would appear in iOS 11. While the latest operating system included Smart Color Invert, the closest to a dark mode that Apple has embraced thus far, the official release of this concept is still conspicuous by its absence.

This seems like something of an oversight considering the wonderful bezel-less OLED iPhone X, along with the three OLED smartphones predicted for 2018.

Split view

It would also be brilliant if a split view for the iPhone was included in iOS 12, as is already the case with the iPad tablet range. This would allow multi-tasking, which would revolutionize the iPhone range. This also seems entirely achievable considering the technological advancements of the smartphone series in recent years.

Group FaceTime

FaceTime has become increasingly popular in recent iterations, yet the ability to utilize this feature in a group is still sadly lacking. It had been hotly recommended that this would be part of iOS 11, yet it still needs to be listed among the most sought after iOS 12 features. Surely this is something that Apple will actually deliver in 2018.

User profiles

Another possibility for new iOS 12 features is the ability to create multiple users and then switch between them. It is notable that this is already possible in the rival Sndroid operating system. The reason that this is particularly attractive is that it enables different users of the same device to have their own music library, email, calendar, photos, bookmarks and preferences.

Although it is currently possible to sign into various Apple IDs, this will not have any impact on the content contained on the iPad or iPhone. It is also believed that this could appear on the Apple TV at some point soon.

Video settings

Although this may seem relatively trivial, it has been pointed out by many regular Apple users that the video settings in iOS 12 are rather difficult to access. The camera settings aren’t even included within the camera application, meaning that switching between different resolutions, for example, requires additional fiddling with the settings.

This would be extremely easy for Apple to rectify in iOS 12, and hopefully it will pay heed to the opinions of consumers here.


Among other new iOS 12 features will be the ever popular emojis. ValueWalk has already reported on this aspect of the operating system, and there is no doubt that it will generate more headlines nearer the release date. The Unicode Consortium has already provided a wide range of new emoji collections, which are set for release alongside iOS 12 in 2018.

4K resolution

The claim for this aspect of the forthcoming iPhone generation will undoubtedly come from iOS 12. And it would be extremely exciting for many fans of the strategically successful Apple smartphone if a 4K resolution provision was included in the next generation software. The battle over 4K resolution is set to hot up in the next year or so, with Samsung expected to include 4K in one of its 2018 releases.

Will Apple follow suit? We’ll have a window into this possibility when iOS 12 drops.

VR and AR updates

We keep hearing about how virtual reality and augmented reality will change the technology landscape. Well, it’s about time that companies started proving it! The technology giants have all staked their chips on the AR / VR conundrum, with Apple explicitly backing augmented reality in public.

However, with Apple retaining the Touch ID system for the recent iPhone releases, the full conversion into augmented reality has yet to occur. So we can expect further AR features to be part of iOS 12.


One thing that would be wonderful, at least for the more renegade iPhone users among us, is a jailbreak of the iOS 12 operating system. This is proving to be extremely difficult with the recent iOS 11 release, prompting speculation that the days of jailbreaking are numbered.

Nonetheless, despite the negative vibe, many involved in the jailbreaking community remain determined to crack the iOS 11 operating system at some point soon. And this could then hopefully be replicated when iOS 12 is released.

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