Robotics And AI Leaving Their Cages And Entering Our Daily Lives

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Global leader Mouser Electronics just wrapped up a short, six-video series, “Generation Robot,” hosted by robotics guru and Mythbuster star, Grant Imahara on various innovative robotics and AI creations.

The crux of the series is captured by Magnus Egerstedt, a Roboticist at Georgia Tech: “We have the opportunity to use robots to enrich the human experience… The robots are leaving their cages and they’re entering our daily lives. They’re showing up in our homes, in our hospitals, on our farm fields, and this is a completely new breed of robots we’re experiencing.”


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These new Robotics and AI machines have the power to be life changing. These videos range from the amusing with an all robot-powered hotel with no human staff, to giving hope and freedom back to patients who had previously lost personal mobility. At just three minutes in length, the first five videos pack quite a punch in a short period of time.

The sixth video on the Robotics And AI series features an hour-long panel discussion with Imahara and other industry-leading experts, during the Electronic Components Industry Association Executive Conference, regarding “How Robotics Will Shape Our Future.”

Readers can find the videos here:

The experts have found that although in the past there was a difference between robotics and AI, today there has been a convergence. They are almost one in the same – with the difference that robotics has a sort of physical embodiment. What is new, in this equation, is that there is now a psychological component to be considered with these robots- they need to understand the intricacies of human behavior in order to best perform their duties. Through the panel and otherwise, Mouser offers bold thought leadership on Robotics And AI and other related topics.

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