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Here Are The iOS 13 Features Apple Copied From Jailbreak Tweaks

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With every new iOS, Apple aims to make jailbreaking more difficult. However, it is true that for the past few years Apple has been taking inspiration from the jailbreak community when it comes to adding new features into the iOS, and iOS 13 is no different. There are several iOS 13 features Apple has copied from jailbreak tweaks.

iOS 13 features Apple copied from jailbreak tweaks

Apple’s iOS 13 comes with many new features, while many existing features have been updated as well. As always, many iOS 13 features Apple copied from jailbreak tweaks, including the biggest changes that come along with the iOS 13. Let’s check all the features and updates that were inspired by the jailbreak community.

Dark mode – This is the biggest change that comes with the iOS 13, and yes, the jailbreak community has had this feature for years. The dark mode was released to the jailbreak community in 2014 as a tweak called Eclipse. In fact, Eclipse is even better than Apple’s own implementation of the dark mode as the former works not just on Apple’s own app, but unsupported apps as well. Another jailbreak tweak, called Noctis, also gives users similar dark mode functionality for notifications, widgets, control center and more.

New Volume HUD – Apple finally got rid of the ugly volume interface with the iOS 13, something that users have been demanding for years. Though the new Volume HUD appears to be an original design, the jailbreak community has long been tweaking the iOS volume HUD interface for years. Some of the popular interfaces are StatusHUD, Melior UltraSound and Sonus12.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Selection via Control Center – Apple is now giving users the ability to choose Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices directly from the Control Center. Earlier users only had the ability to toggle Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth on and off from within the Control Center.

It must be noted that this feature was originally introduced in Android, and later, it was tweaked for the iOS jailbreak community. Apple’s latest implementation appears very similar to the tweak that was available to the jailbreak users, called WeatherVane.

Safari Download Management – With iOS 13, users have the ability to manage downloads within Safari on their iOS device. Such functionality is already available to the jailbreak users via several tweaks, including the latest one called Safari Plus, which supports all the way to the iOS 8. It is even better than Apple’s own implementation as the former allows you to save files on the file system instead of in the Files app in iOS 13.

No Cellular App Update Restriction – Apple has now eliminated the download limit over the cellular network completely with the iOS 13. Again, with tweaks like Appstore Unrestrict, the jailbreak community has been enjoying unrestricted downloading over the cellular network for ages.

QuickPath – If you love to swipe instead of type on the keyboard, then Apple’s new QuickPath feature in iOS 13 will surely attract you. However, Apple already supports such a feature via third-party keyboards, such as Gboard and SwiftKey. Prior to this, the feature made its debut on third-party Android keyboards.

Even before the third-party keyboards, the jailbreak community designed the swipe feature, called SwipeSelection. Since then several tweaks have been made to the feature, but SwipeSelection is still the most popular one.

Third-party Controller Support – Apple announced support for Sony’s Dualshock 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One S controllers with the iOS 13. The jailbreak community, however, have long been able to connect their gaming controllers with their iOS device. One popular tweak is nControl and it will remain relevant even after the iOS 13.

The nControl supports other controllers besides the Dualshock 4 and Xbox One S controller. For instance, Nintendo Switch owners can connect Joy-cons or Pro Controller with the iOS 13 using the jailbreak tweak.

Widgets On Home Screen – Apple now allows widgets to appear on the Home screen of the iPad. The jailbreak community has had this feature for many years, thanks to tweaks such as Dashboard X. Moreover, the jailbreak tweak supports the iPhone as well.

Custom Fonts – Apple now supports custom fonts in-app, but jailbreak users have long had such a feature, thanks to tweaks such as BytaFont.

Low Data Mode – Though unlimited data plans are the norm now, not all have it. For such users, Apple has come up with a low data mode. The jailbreak community has long been offering solutions to prevent users from unwanted data usage. One such tweak is Membrane.

Apart from these, there are more, but less popular iOS 13 features Apple copied from jailbreak tweaks, such as keyboard shortcuts, up next, improved files app, windowed multitasking, and better text editing. Apple implementing jailbreak tweaks also makes users less likely to go for a jailbreak, something that Apple also wants. When users are getting features that they want officially, then there is no reason to get the same by jailbreaking their device.

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