iOS 13.1.3 update brings new iPhone 11 battery life issue

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Many iPhone users complain about battery life issues whenever they update to a new version of iOS. Now we are hearing about problems with the iPhone 11 battery life with the iOS 13.1.3 update. That means it isn’t just users of older phones who are having issues.

Battery life issues with the iOS 13.1.3 update

There’s a lengthy post about battery life issues with the iOS 13.1.3 update on Apple’s own forums. The original poster said they have an iPhone XR and said they even had to change their device for another one, but it has the same problem. An iPhone 7 user responded and said they had the same problem with the iOS 13.1.3 update. An iPhone X user also said if they leave the device without touching it for four hours, the battery will drain down to where the device can’t even turn on.

At least one person responded to say they have been having battery life issues since iOS 13.1.1, saying that the battery drains even when the device is powered off and plugged in. The person added that after the phone does charge to 100%, it will have to be rebooted five to 10 times, and the battery indicator will show almost 0% until it’s rebooted. This person did not say which iPhone model they have.

Reddit users also started a thread about the battery life issue with the iOS 13.1.3 update. The person who started the thread said they have an iPhone 7 Plus, and they didn’t have problems with battery drain before this update. The person said the phone is also running warm, and they’re having lag when they use it.

iPhone 11 battery life problems

One of the users on the Reddit thread said they have an iPhone 11 Pro Max, and they are also having issues with battery drain. The iPhone 11 battery life drains quickly since the iOS 13.1.3 update. The person said the issue is far worse when they are using a Bluetooth device with their iPhone, whether it’s their car, a speaker or their watch. Additionally, the phone only connects to their car about three out of five times.

One person asked if users’ Mail app is using up their iPhone 11 battery life. They said their iPhone 11 Pro showed that 63% of their battery life was used by Mail.

Apple is expected to roll out iOS 13.2 very soon, possibly as early as this week, so hopefully that will fix the battery drain so many users are experiencing.

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