Investors and Allocators Should Think Ahead Too!

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Visit any car dealership now and you’ll see 2018 cars everywhere. Cars surely aren’t bending the space-time continuum. What gives?

By law, a car can be titled ‘2018’ as early as Jan 1, 2017. There have been instances where cars were launched as early as January the year before, but only on very rare occasions.

Most of the time, end-Q3 or early-Q4 are when the public sees cars titled for the subsequent year.


Some theories behind why most manufacturers title their car models a few months ahead of the next calendar year:

Theory #1 The automotive industry first produced vehicles over the warmer months, as winter production requires more energy for lighting and heat. Traditions continued.

Theory #2 – Summer is a busy time for most, as activities such as camping, road trips, and attending fairs can all vie for your attention.

Theory #3 – No one wants to buy a 2017 at the end of 2017. They’re already thinking about 2018.

Put aside all theories for now (there are plenty more, some including former President FDR’s influence), and focus on the most important thing:

They’re already thinking about 2018.

Exactly that. We’re in the months that people are thinking about the next calendar year; there are lots to be done in the remaining weeks of the year, but most people already have one eye on 2018.


Investors and allocators think ahead too!

It’s a great time for you to be marketing on themes of the upcoming new year – opinions, an outlook, tips & tricks, etc. Not only does it align with what’s on people’s minds, but it also presents a good image of you thinking ahead of the curve.

Do this in mid- to late-December, and everyone’s switched off. Do it in January next year, and you’re already behind in the game.

Almost all car (and other seasonal) manufacturers are already capitalizing on this trend, yet managers lag behind in marketing for the next calendar year. Do something now, and be the manager that appears to bend that space-time continuum for prospects and investors alike.

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