5 App Ideas That Businesses Should Consider Investing In

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One of the best indicators of a successful app is its ability to generate money for the stakeholders. And as countless apps surface into the stores each year, the competition gets tough. Entrepreneurs across the world realize the fact that they must replace their age-old marketing techniques with online trends. Hence, they are all jumping into the mobile app regime.

However, not all apps and tech startups make it to the top of the grid. Many fail in the initial stages. According to a survey, a whopping two-thirds of mobile apps fail to hit the 1000 download mark in the initial year after launch, whereas 24% of the users abandon apps after the first visit. Several elements play a role in ensuring the success of an app such as its interface, design, and algorithms. That is another topic of discussion.

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What we need to understand is that the conversion rate of an app may vary according to its nature. Perhaps, an app only offers a momentary solution so the customers may uninstall once their task is complete. If you plan to escalate your profits by investing in an app, then you must understand its value as per the customers. The apps that make millions are mostly the ones that serve a mass audience.

This brings us to another part of the discussion, that is, how can you predict that an app is going to bring in lots of cash?

We suggest that you study the journeys of success of major apps like Facebook and Tinder. Apart from that, scrutinize the tech landscape. What’s going on? What are the public demands? Are there any innovative ideas shooting up?

Let’s take a look at some app ideas that are worth investing in the year 2019:

1. Augmented Reality Apps

Pokemon Go was the first app that brought forth a pattern of augmented reality. We are all aware of the hype created by this game and how it ended up in millions of downloads. Augmented Reality is not as developed when it comes to app development. But it will generate around $170 billion by 2020.

Apps based on augmented reality will continue to make their way in the industry. Some app categories that can utilize AR to enhance their experience are marketing, education, automobile, shopping, and gaming. Investing in an AR app is a wise move but always evaluate its whole pattern to ensure safety.

2. Communication Apps

Communication solution apps are the most popular apps in the industry today. Modifying work patterns ask for better collaboration tools and services. Employers are looking for apps that help to streamline communications and collaborate effectively.

They yearn for a flexible app. It should be such that it integrates with other apps easily and produce effective results. Slack, for instance, is an app that raised over $ 790 million in investor funding over ten funding rounds. It is about to become an app that raised billions.

Investing in a communication-oriented app can turn out to be a great milestone for your economic status.  Make sure that this app is better than the others in the market, and it improves the user experience.

3. Blockchain apps

Blockchain is not an unfamiliar word for most of us. It has turned out to be quite popular in the payment sector and other areas as well. It can do wonders for networking, automobile, and money transfers.

It is high time for investors to pitch in blockchain applications. The field is expanding exponentially, and demand for cryptocurrencies is amplifying across the world.

Nonetheless, we do not suggest that you go for instant investment. Instead, you must study all the odds before going for it. Find if the app is secure enough. Are there any chances of cybercrime? If yes, then back off right away.

AirG Reviews reveal how their apps were not producing optimal results initially due to unsafe algorithms. It resulted in a negative reputation in the market and instant losses. However, the company was able to regain its status in the market after reprogramming of security patterns. So, make sure that the app in which you plan to invest is fool-proof and maintains user confidentiality.

4. Virtual Reality Apps

A variety of devices are transforming the smartphone into an engaging gadget. We have numerous virtual reality games that can shift players into an incredible 360-degree visual field.

Earlier, we used to depend on an advanced set of headsets, but there is no need of that anymore. There are brilliant apps in the market that allow you to enjoy a VR experience that is beyond imagination.  A vivid and unique gaming experience is now possible.

Investing in an app idea based on virtual reality is a good move. But the question is, does the app fit all angles of the VR? It should be such that it engages the user and keeps them hooked for a long time.

5. Personal Assistant Apps

Today, consumers demand an ability to have the world at their fingertips. Different virtual service providers offer personal assistant to the clients. There are real people to assist you with tasks you cannot manage.

Whether it's booking a photographer or renting a car, you only have to leave a message. It combines with artificial intelligence to serve the clients. Take a look at Magic – an app that provides real-time service to its clients. It is quite popular for its assisting facility, and there is a whole category of clients from the corporate background who often need their services.

Identify if there is any ongoing app idea like that and pitch in for investment. Returns on an app like this are going to be quite high if the public finds it interesting enough.


So look at all the probabilities and then go for the idea that best suits your business. There is an emerging pool of latest tools and techniques that can benefit you in the longer run. Evaluate all the possibilities and make your move!

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