Icahn: ‘Little Guy’ Should Be Allowed In Market

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Icahn Enterprises LP (NASDAQ:IEP)’s Carl Icahn says Apple Inc, (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Tim Cook is headed in the right direction, and explains why he is not a “short-termist.”

Icahn: ‘Little Guy’ Should Be Allowed In Market


heard it first here.we recommended on twitter apple at 470 or something like that.it’s up 100 points.i haven’t sold a share.i like to feel tim listened tome.we had a very nice dinner and maybe he did listen and maybe he didn’t.i do think tim is going in the right direction and hopefully there are going to be some great new innovations coming out,which i like.i take a little umbrage to what jeff ruben said at the kin conference, who i considered a friend up until now, who came out gratuitously said carl icahn’s use of twitter to promote his investments was damages because it encourages everyday investors to buy stocks without looking at the fundamentals.there’s a lot wrong with that statement.to begin with he didn’t do his homework.i never used it to promote my investment because i never sold it.in fact, i keep stocks for very long periods of time.it was really done as almost a gift, you know, saying, this is a great company, people, you keep — people keep asking me what we buy.it’s going to be interesting he goes on sort of like he’s sort of like one of these aristocrats, the 19th century saying poor people shouldn’t have money, they don’t know how to use it.here, he’s saying everyday investors, i think sneeringly, who should play them? guys like jeff.if i like apple i buy and interestingly he’s recommending herbal life.he’s okay to buy and get 20%from the little guy that can’t understand or shouldn’t be allowed to invest.i take a little umbrage in that.i think that was a sort of gratuitous statement first of all shows he didn’t do his homework.the news i may make and i’m thinking about doing, just to prove this is wrong and to prove we’re not shorted terming this,that if i go on twitter i’m thinking about coming on and saying, like in apple, i could have said — really could haves aid this when i did apple, i’mlong apple and guaranteeing and pledging i’m not going to sell it for a year and that will takeaway all this stuff i’m trying to promote. is that what you’re saying right here and right now? i’m saying right now that i’m thinking very seriously of a new paradigm with us, where in certain cases we’re going to goon twitter and say we like the stock and i’m pledging i’m not selling it for a year, so you little guy, you don’t have to pay jeff bin 20% for doing his great research.you know, i’m not here to really criticize jeff.i always liked him.i always felt he was a friend.i thought it was very gratuitous to make those remarks without at least calling me and doing the homework and realizing we haven’t sold one share of apple

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