How To Automatically Silence Your iPhone During Meetings

How To Automatically Silence Your iPhone During Meetings

iPhone users get plenty of choice for apps, and once a device is jailbroken, the possibilities are endless. Users can then install apps from the official App Store, and also from Cydia, the unofficial app store for jailbroken iOS devices. If yours is a jailbroken iPhone, then here is a very useful tweak which allows you to automatically silence your iPhone during meetings.

Auto-silent iPhone when in a meeting

iSilent-iOS 7 is a jailbreak tweak that works smartly. It basically collects date and meeting information right from the calendar app on your iPhone, and then it will automatically silent your device during that time so that you can have peace of mind during your meeting. The best part is that you don’t need to manually input anything, but it just directly gets the data from the Calendar, and that’s why it can be said that it works automatically.

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When in a meeting, even a low volume ringtone can be distracting, and in such a case, switching your phone to silent mode is a good idea. However, you’ll have to remember to switch your phone to silent mode before entering the meeting, but you might even forget to do so. Sometimes we have many important issues in our mind and we do forget such small tasks.

That’s why iSilent-iOS7 tweak will help you to keep you concentrated in the meeting, and it will take care of your calls. But do note that you’ll need to enter your meeting details in your calendar for this tweak to work. If you forget to do this, then this tweak won’t be able to silent your phone.

So if you’re thinking to get your hands on this Cydia tweak, then you can get it from the BigBoss repo for a price of $2.99. The price might seem to be on the higher side, but the tweak targets mostly business class users who can shell out such an amount.

If you’ve tried out this useful tweak, then let us know what you think about it by commenting below.

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