Family Business Advice: Embrace Creativity

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Brookstone, which began in 1965 on a family farm in the Berkshires, has recently filed for bankruptcy.

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Its disappearance from much of the retail landscape is sadly not uncommon in these changing times, and entrepreneur Ramez A. Baassirri is committed to helping family businesses face disruption head on, helping them not only weather the storm, but thrive.

Baassiri encourages businesses to face the future by embracing creativity, nurturing it, acting on it, and growing it to support entrepreneurial activities.

As he says in his book, Interrupted Entrepreneurship: Embracing Change in the Family Business, “We often think of assets as tangible goods, like buildings, products, and services. Perhaps even more important than tangible assets are those that are intangible, such as intellect, business acumen, the ability to communicate well, and the solid set of values that you run your business by.”

Baassiri says leaving intangible assets like creativity untended can result in the death of multigenerational family businesses.

About Ramez Baassiri

Ramez Baassiri, author of Interrupted Entrepreneurship: Embracing Change in the Family Business (, is a board member of a multinational, multigenerational family business. An author and graduate of a doctoral program, Ramez is a firm believer in education through storytelling—a concept that can, and does, change the world for the better.

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