Deadline Looms: Gov. Urges People to File to Get $400 Tax Rebate Check from Virginia

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Governor Glenn Youngkin is encouraging taxpayers to file their taxes in order to claim the one-time tax rebate check from Virginia. This one-time tax rebate was part of the state budget, offering up to $400 to eligible residents who file their taxes by November 1 and had a 2022 state tax liability.

Tax rebate check from Virginia: who will get it?

The 2023 Virginia General Assembly approved legislation to give a one-time tax rebate check from Virginia of up to $200 to individual filers and up to $400 for joint filers. The rebate aims to help residents offset the rising cost of living.

“As Virginians continue to face inflation and high prices as a direct result of policies out of Washington, D.C., these rebates are an important step going into the holiday season to help Virginians keep more of their hard-earned money for gas, groceries and essentials,” Governor Youngkin said in a press release last week.

Not every taxpayer is eligible for the rebate, according to the Department of Taxation. To qualify for the rebate, residents need to file their taxes by November 1, as well as have a 2022 state tax liability.

Those eligible for the rebate will receive it automatically. There is no need to apply for the rebate, but you need to make sure that you file your taxes by the deadline.

Taxpayers who received their refund via direct deposit will get the rebate in the same bank account. If the bank account in which you got your refund is closed, you will get a paper check in the mail. There is no way for taxpayers to change their banking details.

Others will get the rebate through a paper check in the mail. Thus, it is important that the USPS has your correct mailing address. Those who moved to a new address, but have a current forwarding order with the USPS, will get their rebate check on the new address.

Virginia’s Department of Taxation will start issuing rebates in late October 2023. Those who don’t get the rebate by the end of November 2023 should contact the Virginia Department of Taxation.

How much money to expect

Single filers, heads of household and qualifying widows(er) will get $200 in rebate, while married filing jointly will get $400. Recipients will be free to use the rebate money on anything they want, including paying down debt, saving for emergencies, or investing for the future.

If a taxpayer owes money to certain government agencies and institutions, their rebate check could be used to pay off such debts first, and the remaining money, if any, will be sent to the taxpayer.  

In case a taxpayer owes more money in debt than the rebate amount, the department will send a letter to the taxpayer explaining the use of the rebate check.

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