Google Pixel 2 Wallpapers Made Available For Some Devices

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You may recall that last year’s Google Pixel launch came with some goodies for those of us who didn’t end up buying the new, pure Android device. Google released their “Wallpapers” app which brought a whole bunch of cool new wallpapers to Android devices everywhere. Since then we have seen pretty regular updates to the app with new images and designs being released throughout the year. It’s a great free app, especially if you’re the type of person who always likes to change up their wallpaper and give their smartphone a fresh look.

Now, in anticipation of the release of the Pixel 2, new wallpaper categories have been added to the app. Unfortunately, it does appear that some Google Pixel 2 wallpapers will remain exclusive to the device – at least for now.

The three new categories are: Keep Looking, Underwater, and Geometric Shapes. Keep Looking is a category full of abstract art that makes you, well, keep looking. Underwater is pretty self explanatory. If you want some ocean life on your wallpaper then that’s the category for you. Finally, Geometric Shapes is a category full of shapes and colors.

Nothing too revolutionary or groundbreaking here. With that said; it’s nice to see the app continue to get some love and new designs. Google is not known for their great support of apps in the long term. It is a shame that the Google Pixel 2 wallpapers are going to remain device exclusive. I know a lot of people have been wondering where they can get the live wallpapers that are included as part of the lineup of exclusive Google Pixel 2 wallpapers.

It’s hard to say when, or if, the exclusive wallpapers will ever be available on the app that is used by non-Pixel devices. I guess we may be jumping the gun a bit. After all, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are still in the pre-order stage. It’s not surprising that Google would want to keep some features exclusive for the launch. Perhaps a few months down the road we will see the exclusive Google Pixel 2 wallpapers become available on the Wallpapers app for the rest of us to use. Could make for a nice Christmas present from Google… I’m just saying…

Do you use the Wallpapers app on your Android device? What do you think of the new additions? Good enough to replace your current wallpaper?

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