Having A Good Mentor Can Make All The Difference

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Here is an excerpt from Asiaone Business on how having a good mentor can make all the difference and discusses Clive Tan’s Value Investing For Employees.

There are many ways to get rich.

That is what any personal finance and investment guidebook will tell you.

Flip one open, and you are sure to be confronted with well-rehearsed platitudes on timing the market and tips on how to conduct technical analysis on a stock.

But as I thumbed through a handful of these texts at Kinokuniya bookstore one weekend, I was disappointed to find only one that mentioned the role of a mentor in the journey towards financial security and success.

In the second chapter of his book, Value Investing For Employees, author Clive Tan recounts the way that he first picked up investing in the stock market. For the uninitiated, value investing is a strategy in which the investor aims to buy stocks that are priced below their estimated value.

Mr Tan had attended a workshop on investing just as he was about to start his career as a teacher. He credited the speaker for helping him to “live my life the way I design (it)”. We can read all the books in the world,but having someone willing to extend a guiding hand does make all the difference.

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