Samsung Galaxy S6 – release date, specs, rumors

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While I generally don’t hang my hat on smartphone rumors, I understand that it is a large part of my job. There is a special part of the Internet that requires smartphone rumors and a number of people who have jobs that don’t feed their families if not for the leaked parts from factories in China, that get subsequently photographed and speculated about each day in the “smartphoneiverse.”

Samsung Galaxy S6 - release date, specs, rumors

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (LON:BC94) (KRX:0059935) has been fantastically silent since the release of the new Apple iPhones, I stay reasonable on top of it but the last I heard from Samsung was when they asked a South Korean court to look into the behavior of LG executives who vandalize Samsung washing machines prior to an upcoming German trade show. OK, I’ve washed my hands of my impending rumor-mongering, let us begin.

“It will be better than the iPhone 6 Plus”

Any Android user will tell you that in lieu of an iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S5 was the greatest smartphone ever made. And now with the 2015-planned release of the Galaxy S6, it will certainly be much better than even the iPhone 6 Plus. I’ll tell you why with a composite of today’s rumors.

The Galaxy S6 will feature no less than a 20-megapixel camera with a considerably more powerful chipset from technology stolen from the alien ship either still housed in Roswell, NM or Area 51.

All joking aside, it will be fast.

With a release date in March or April of next year it will most likely arrived preloaded with a the newest version of Android OS.

Galaxy S6: Pure speculation but good

The battle for screen size won’t escape Samsung either as the company has already shown its ability to do this with the Galaxy Note series of phablets.

And thankfully, for Samsung it’s being rumored that it will finally look nice. Prying that cheap plastic lid off the back of the Galaxy series to change carriers might not bother others, but it bothered me. While it packs a punch, the Galaxy S4 just looks like it wants to break.

Expect the Galaxy S6 to pack a punch and equally expect it to be unveiled in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress early next March and purchasable in April(?).

I could speak of top secret “Snapdragon” processors but it’s time for you to begin imagining what you want the Galaxy S6 to offer you personally. If rumors are to be believed it will have them, less and more.

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