Goldman Says Class Dismissed as ‘Occupy Harvard’ Mars Recruiting Sessions

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Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) and Morgan Stanley (MS) are getting a chilly reception at top colleges, including Harvard University andPrinceton University, as campus offshoots of Occupy Wall Street target investment-bank recruiting events.

Goldman Sachs canceled visits to Harvard and Brown University last week following a November incident where Occupy Harvard protesters attempted to enter a recruitment session. Students at Yale University, Princeton and Cornell University have also rallied at campus events by investment firms.

Students of the eight elite colleges composing the Ivy League in the northeastern U.S., such as Sandra Korn of Harvard and Tom Moore of Cornell, are criticizing their universities for sending high numbers of graduates to Wall Street, rather than to jobs that emphasize community service. Careers in financial and consulting firms are frequently presented as the best or only option, said Korn, a sophomore majoring in history of science and gender studies who participated in the Nov. 28 protest.

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