Gold-Plated Putin iPhone 6 Goes On Sale

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The iPhone 6 is already a status symbol in and of itself, but designers have always been interested in upgrading the iPhone 6 in a variety of glamorous ways in order to attract wealthy consumers. The latest model of the iPhone has been no exception to this rule, but two recent glitzy versions of the iPhone 6 have emerged which take things to a new extreme.

Gold-tinted iPhone 6 devices emerged pretty much as soon as the handset went on general sale, but the opportunity now exists to upgrade to the real thing. You can now purchase an iPhone 6 plated entirely in 24-carat gold. It seems that there is no limit to the things that can be encased in this attractive and shiny element nowadays, given that the world’s most expensive hamburger is also wrapped in gold!

Gold-Plated iPhone 6

But this particular model of the iPhone, which has been produced by the luxury electronics store Ademov, is already available for order. Aside from the gold-plating which dominates the external facade of the device, the Apple logo has also been given special treatment by the manufacturers, being plated with a less expensive 18-carat gold, but also encrusted with VS1 white diamonds. This is certainly a device that will get you noticed.

While gold is an extremely durable element, the tendency of mobile devices to get damaged due to everyday wear and tear is obviously rather high. This is irritating with a normal iPhone 6, but rather more aggravating when you paid several thousand dollars for a gold-plated smartphone. Luckily Ademov has addressed this by applying a polish and clear coat to their luxury iPhone 6 in order to make it more resistant to damage, and easier for consumers to handle.

Aside from this bling version of the iPhone 6, a $7,300 price tag also afford you numerous added extras. Thus, this premium version of the iPhone 6 comes complete with a custom wooden box and maintenance kit. Additionally, should you wish to add that personal touch to this already distinctive handset, Ademov will engrave the device for a small additional cost.

While the iPhone 6 gold-plated addition has garnered a great deal of attention for Ademov, their premium versions of Apple devices do not begin and end with this smartphone. The company has also produced a range of gold-plated MacBook Air laptops, along with a raft of golden iMac desktops which come complete with colored plates and eye-popping anondized aluminum colors.

This may not be to everyone’s taste, and some might prefer the more humble standard iPhone 6 edition. However, the Ademov design is by no means the most ostentatious iPhone 6 model on the market. That title would have to be awarded to a recent model which has been produced by Caviar Phones; a Russian-Italian company specializing in bespoke iPhones.

The Putin iPhone

Caviar Phones has just produced the quite incredibly named Supremo Putin II, which as the name would suggest pays what many will consider to be a rather inappropriate tribute to the Russian political leader. Putin fans – assuming for the sake of argument that such people exist – can pick up this particular iPhone 6 device for around $3,600.

The concept of a phone commemorating the President of Russia may not be to everyone’s immediate predilection, but the design of the phone will surely be more divisive still. The Supremo Putin II is decorated with an image of the Russian leader’s face; certainly a unique design aspect among current smartphones!

Although this seems like the sort of story that should emerge on April 1, Caviar is in fact very resolute in its promotion of this device. The Italian company claims that placing the mobile on a bar counter somewhere in Nice on Monte Carlo will result in your receiving priority service! A press release related to the iPhone 5 version of this particular device suggested that it reflected “the Russian president as an embodiment of power, robustness and strength, an uncompromising and aggressive figure ready to take drastic steps”.

Despite the unorthodox design parameters of the Supremo Putin, previous versions of the device have actually been rather successful. This mobile is only produced as a limited edition device, yet previous versions from the so-called Putinphone collections have sold out incredibly quickly. The iPhone 5 Supremo Putin, a limited edition design of which only 144 were made, retailed at around $4,000, yet was sold out completely within days of its release in June this year.

Putin not amused…

However, there are rumours circulating that the Russian supremo is not too happy about his depiction in mobile form. The press secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, announced a few days ago that Putin is apparently “negative” regarding the use of his image for commercial purposes. Although it has been officially stated that the President will do nothing to prevent the production of this device, Caviar is apparently intending to suspend production.

This will be a seismic blow for anyone hoping to get an imported Putin Supremo from Russia, but it’s not all bad news. Although Caviar Phones initially intended to manufacture 299 units of this device, production will now cease, with around 100 Supremo Putin II iPhone 6 Devices having been manufactured. As a consequence, the market price of these devices is expected to increase further still.

So if you’ve always wanted a smartphone with an image of the Russian President engraved into it, now is the time to rush out and get one.

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