iPhone 6 To Feature Glowing Apple Logo

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is always looking for fresh new ways to improve iPhone design. It looks like the company has found a new way to make its best-selling device really stand out.

The iPhone 6 may feature a glowing Apple logo

Recently leaked images of the upcoming phone show an Apple shape logo aperture. This prompted speculation Apple would have a logo that slightly glows. These pictures were obtained with from uSwitch with the help of Apple blogger/leaker Sonny Dickson. These images were compared to previous iPhone shells. It is noted the purported model features a plastic panel placed over the Apple-shaped hole.

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Last year, there was a similar report the iPhone 5S would have such a feature. If this latest report is true, Apple may be ready to unveil the long-awaited feature this year. Apple’s MacBook already has a glowing Apple logo on the back of the screen for design purposes, however it is possible a light-up logo on the back of the iPhone may have more than just a nice design feature, it could have a purpose. The light could flash as a visual notification for alerting users of text messages or email notifications. It could be just one more convenient feature for Apple users.

What to expect from the iPhone 6

Apple is expected to launch and debut the iPhone 6 in September. It is also rumored the iPhone will come in two versions including a 4.7 inch version and 5.5 inch version. Fans can expect the phone to feature a revamped design complete with round edges, and horizontal stripes reminiscent to HTC design. The phone is also expected to include a camera flash upgrade and more health related features that may include syncing capabilities with the purported iWatch. Ever since Apple launched HealthKit last month at the Worldwide Developers Conference, it was pretty much confirmed Apple will make health and fitness related features a part of the iPhone experience.