Get More With Feedly’s Web Interface With These Keyboard Shortcuts

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Since Google has retired Reader, one of the most popular RSS Readers out there, people have started to search for alternative RSS readers. Feedly has quickly become one such worthy alternative that many people have started to use. Initially, Feedly didn’t offer any web interface, but then it slowly started offering Feedly cloud in June.

These shortcuts will help you to get the most out of Feedly

The latest version of Feedly web interface is 17.2, and with it, you can use a handful of keyboard shortcuts to perform various functions. These shortcuts will help you to get the most out of Feedly.

g then m: today
g then a: all
g then g: magic bar
g then l: saved article
shift+j: next feed or category
shift+k: previous feed or category
a: add content
r: refresh

j: open next article
k: open previous article
n: select next article
p: select previous article
o: inline/close currently selected article
v: view original article in a new tab
shift+a: mark all as read

Selected Article
m: toggle mark as read
x: minimize and hide
s: save for later
b: buffer
c: clip to evernote
shift+v: preview

Don’t worry, you don’t need to remember all these shortcut keys; simply press the ? key to see the full list of shortcut keys.

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