Gboard Integrates Google Translate, Adds GIF, Emoji Suggestions And Backdrops

Gboard Integrates Google Translate, Adds GIF, Emoji Suggestions And Backdrops
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Google Translate is one of the many features that makes it easier for people who speak different languages to communicate, and now, Gboard is going to make texting in different languages easier as well. Android device users no longer have to use the separate Google Translate app to text or email each other in languages other than their own.

Gboard to make texting in other languages a breeze

Gboard is Google‘s dedicated Android keyboard app. The company announced a host of new features for it today, of which Translate integration is one. Previously, those who wanted to type messages in another language had to type out their message in Translate or copy and paste it into the Translate app to get a translation of what they wanted to say.

Now, Gboard has a new Translate icon in its quick feature menu. You can also paste text in another language that you receive into the Translate feature that’s accessible through the quick start menu.

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Another interesting language-related addition is search support for languages that are read from right to left, such as Farsi, Hebrew and Arabic. To search within text that’s in a language which is read from right to left, just tap on either the arrow or on the G within the suggestion strip. This will bring up some new features for search, which also includes web, GIFs and emoji.

Other new features for Gboard

Gboard is also adding suggestions for emojis and GIFs. As the user types something on the keyboard, emojis and GIF searches will appear in the strip of suggestions. Users can also share GIFs in any apps that support them, including Hangouts, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and Allo.

Google’s keyboard has also improved voice to text by updating the interface. It’s now easier to switch from voice texting to typing on the keyboard.

Users can also customize their keyboard using new backdrops. Google has added some scenic views that are accessible through the settings in the Gboard app. After going to the settings, just choose a particular theme. Users can also set a backdrop for the keyboard via the quick features menu, which now has a Theme icon in the suggestion strip. The folks at Google said they’ll be adding more themes in the future as well.

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