Google Pixel Microphone Issue Confirmed

Dating back to not long after the Google Pixel handsets were released a small number of consumers have complained of Microphone problems. Now almost 6-months later the company has admitted that there is a Pixel microphone issue, and it aims to correct it quickly.

google pixel and pixel xl experience Pixel microphone issue

Google Pixel Microphone Issue

As for how this issue comes about and how many Pixel handsets are affected. According to Google, the latter is around 1-percent of devices. But, how it knows this number to be correct is not yet known. Regarding the problem itself, for the majority, it’s caused by a crack on the solder leading to the audio codec. Now, if you’re one of the unlucky ones, this crack will cause all three microphones to stop working.

If you have a mic problem but are not sure if this is the cause, there are ways to diagnose it. They are no audio input whatsoever, so you can’t use Google Assistant or failure of the camera app’s audio recording feature. There are other ways of finding out, but these are among the easiest to discover.

What Does This Mean For You?

Assuming you know you are experiencing the Pixel microphone issue, it means there is no software fix. And that’s because the problem is hardware related, meaning a return is in order!

What next? If you purchased your Pixel or Pixel XL from Google, you can return it to them directly. The company has confirmed that it will replace any faulty handset with the problem.

However, Google employee Brian Rakowski said on the Google Forums:

“Google will put a hold your credit card for the replacement and ship you the phone immediately,” “Once we receive the defective phone and verify the problem, the hold will be removed.”

But what if you purchased your Pixel from a third-party retailer? If that is the case, you should contact them and explain that your device has the Pixel microphone issue. Due to the fact that the matter is no fault of your own, you should get a replacement. However, the question is when you will get one? Because, since their launch stock of the handsets has been notoriously low, meaning you may have to wait!


Google recently issued a statement in which it said that ti has been working on correcting the problem since January. What that means is, if your handset was manufactured after that month you should be fine.

As for refurbished handsets, the companies technical people have begun to inspect refurbished devices. However, it is possible that if you have received one of these recently it too could have the Pixel microphone issue. Why? Because when this inspection process started, the solder problem had yet to be identified. So, our advice to you is, if you’re not experiencing the problem, you should now and again check for it.

Have you experienced this issue, what was your return experience like? Come and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.