Galaxy S6, S6 Edge or Apple Watch – Which one to buy?

Galaxy S6, S6 Edge or Apple Watch – Which one to buy?

The next couple of weeks will provide a bonanza for fans of mobile devices as both the Apple Watch and Galaxy S6 / Galaxy S6 Edge devices launch. But which one should keen consumers opt for? There are pros and cons of each of the three devices which are now available, so here ValueWalk will examine some of the factors that can potentially influence a purchasing decision.

Apple Watch


One can note firstly that both the Galaxy devices have been developing over a period of time. The Galaxy S series is obviously in its sixth major iteration with the Galaxy S6, and this has enabled Samsung to build the product up. Comparing the initial iPhone to the iPhone 6 would not be particularly complimentary for the predecessor, and one can imagine that over a period of time companies hugely improve devices as they release new iterations and generally develop them.

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Thus, although the Apple Watch is immediately coming to market with a huge reputation, it is also worth remembering that this is the very first smartwatch the Apple has ever produced. This does not mean that it will be sub-standard; indeed, Apple is extremely unlikely to let a product reach market unless it is very satisfied with the final results. Apple simply faces no pervading reason to release devices that are anything less than critically and commercially lauded.

But it does mean that the Apple Watch is more likely to experience teething troubles than either the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge. Although the Edge variant of the Galaxy S6 smartphone is a relatively new innovation, it is worth pointing out that Samsung has already included it within a mobile release – the Galaxy Note 5 – and thus although the Galaxy S6 Edge appears to be an entirely new device, Samsung already had a good grounding in the logistics related to this.

Notably, the current market conditions represent the hardest time in the history of mobile devices to invest in the niche. With numerous smartphones and smartwatches available, Apple and Samsung are battling to outdo each other in a contemporary marketplace which includes numerous upstart manufacturers from the Far East. Competition is clearly extremely fierce at present.


Early reviews of the Apple Watch have suggested that it is a device which attempts to be all things to all people. This may seem to be a very practical marketing strategy by Apple, essentially attempting to position the Apple Watch with a particular broad demographic. However, this element of the Apple Watch has also drawn criticism, with some reviews stating that it believes that Apple is attempting to spread the capabilities of the smartwatch far too thinly.

However, the fact that the Apple Watch provides more features than any previous smartwatch is obviously a huge plus point for the package, and reflects strongly on the development work that Apple has put into this device release. On the other hand, as much as Apple has attempted to produce a smartwatch which is an exemplary and flexible performer, the Apple Watch cannot compete directly with either the Galaxy S6 Galaxy S6 Edge in this department.

Smartphones make much better multimedia devices than smartwatches, and both of the Galaxy S devices benefit from the huge portfolio of specifications, technical information and applications which Samsung has worked on for many years.

The Apple Watch is primarily about convenience, so although it delivers more than decent functionality, it cannot match either of the Galaxy S6 devices in this department as of yet, and may never indeed do so.

Galaxy S6, S6 Edge or Apple Watch - Which one to buy?

Consumer anticipation

There is no doubt that expectations for the Apple Watch are as large as for any Apple product. It is perhaps telling that Apple has eliminated the usual queueing process for its stores when the Apple Watch is released on April 24. Instead, all people who intend to purchase the Apple Watch will be forced to make an appointment and engage in a pre-arranged discussion with a member of Apple staff.

So we will not see the queueing round the block which has been a staple element of Apple product releases in recent years. But we can be fairly confident that Apple still attracts a buzz and street cachet which Samsung simply can’t match. However, plenty of consumers are very much looking forward to the Galaxy S6, as well as the first curved screen smartphone-sized device that Samsung has produced.

But nothing can match the hype of a new Apple device, and there are already reports that the smartwatch will be sold out when it is released on April 24.

Technical superiority

Both Apple Watch and the Galaxy S6 range provide an excellent mobile experience for users. But which is the superior of the two in technical terms? Well, what can be said for certain is that both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are significant departures from the norm for the mobile business of Samsung. This is definitely a reaction to a disappointing year for the Korean company, and its hierarchy, although positive about the future, didn’t sound quite as bullish as last year when they delivered recent statements about the Galaxy S6 series.

Although the Apple Watch is generally considered to be the most advanced smartwatch which has appeared on the market thus far, it is noticeable and notable that it requires frequent external charging in order to work properly. Apple has been criticized for producing a watch which simply runs out of juice far too quickly, and this does pose a question of whether the Apple Watch is actually a practical purchase.

Galaxy S6, S6 Edge or Apple Watch - Which one to buy?


With both manufacturers having utilized premium materials in the build of the Galaxy S6 series and Apple Watch, we should not be surprised that these are not necessarily affordable devices. But what can be said for certain, and indeed rightly so, is that the more affordable versions of the Apple Watch are significantly cheaper than any Galaxy device. This is to be expected given the smaller scale of the Apple Watch, but if pure specifications and feature sets are considered then there is no doubt the Galaxy S will come out on top by some distance.

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