FPA Crescent Fund Fourth Quarter 2014 Update

FPA Crescent Fund Fourth Quarter 2014 Update
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FPA Crescent Fund’s portfolio update for the fourth quarter 2014.

FPA Crescent Fund: Activity

  • Sold out of Carefusion, Checkpoint Software, Johnson & Johnson and Wellpoint. Trimmed CVS, Intel and Norsk Hydro.
  • Added to a few names, including Carlsberg, Meggitt, Sulzer and TE Connectivity.
  • Purchased one new equity position in the quarter, United Technologies.
  • Top contributors for the quarter were CVS, Oracle Corporation, Covidien, Naspers and Express Scripts. Top detractors were Orkla, Occidental Petroleum, Canadian Natural Resources, Gazprom and Medtronic.

FPA Crescent Fund: Positioning

  • Gross exposure to equities remains at approximately 55% and net exposure is circa 51%. Fixed Income remains extremely low at around 0.7%.
  • Added to private investments, specifically real estate partnerships.
  • Cash is approximately 46.3%.

FPA Crescent Fund: Outlook

  • Challenging to find bargains. We maintain our investment discipline and continue to seek windows in which we can effectively deploy capital. We are mostly focused on the opportunities in energy sector right now.

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