Where to find Fortnite XP drop location in Chaos Rising Loading Screen

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The team behind Fortnite is working very hard to give players new and interesting things to do and play, and they are succeeding in it as well. In Chapter 2, Season 1, Epic has made many changes. Until now, players have been busy collecting the letters of FORTNITE with help from Loading Screens. Now, the next thing that the players need to locate using Loading Screens is the XP Drops, which will help them to progress in this season’s Battle Pass. If you need some help with the Fortnite XP drop location, we have detailed below where you can find the hidden XP drop in the Chaos Rising Loading Screen.

Complete challenges to unlock Chaos Rising Loading Screen

In the current season so far, players have been collecting the letters of FORTNITE with Loading Screens hinting at the location where they can find the letters. Last week, the location of E was revealed by the Loading Screen. Once all the letters have been collected, you can unlock the Mystery Skin, Sorana.

Now, for the rest of the season, it seems, you will have to use the Loading Screen to track the Fortnite XP drop location. The XP drop essentially serves the same purpose as the XP drop of the past seasons. To help you save some time, we will tell you where you can find the Fortnite XP drop location.

This secret location is not difficult to find, but the requirement necessary to unlock the XP Drop are. As with the eight FORTNITE letters, players will have to complete at least eight challenges to be able to unlock the Chaos Rising Loading Screen. Only after that, the XP Drop will spawn at its special location.

Once you have completed the eight challenges of the Chaos Rising Mission, you will get the Chaos Rising Loading Screen. This Loading Screen shows the location of Sorana’s cosmetics as well.

Where to find Fortnite XP drop location

Of all the monitors in the Loading Screen, only one monitor reveals the Fortnite XP drop location. And, this monitor is on the right in the middle. In the monitor, you will see the XP Drop icon next to Kevin the Cube, i.e. in the Steamy Stacks. If you remember, this purple cube destroyed the map a few seasons back, and has now been transformed into a statue.

This Steamy Stacks is in the northeast corner of the map. You will find the cube statue in a courtyard opposite to a building titled “Kevolution Energy.” Be careful while heading to the cube as there will be many other players in the area to complete their challenges.

You will find the XP drop on the ground near the cube statue. Now, all you need to do is interact with it the same way you would with any other item. Do remember that the XP drop won’t show up on the map unless you have the Chaos Rising loading screen by completing the eight challenges.

You can refer to below video as well:

Other challenges this week

In one of the challenges this week, Fortnite wants you to dance at the yellow bridge. You might have seen a red and a green bridge, but the yellow bridge is a bit harder to find. For the yellow bridge, you need to go to the mountainous area in the south east of the map. This yellow bridge is south of Lazy Lake and east of Misty Meadows.

The yellow bridge in question here is over a river and opens into the major snow mountain area. Once you are on the bridge, perform your best dance moves to complete the challenge, which also includes dancing at the red and green bridges.

Let’s talk of another challenge – Skydive through rings in Steamy Stacks. The objective of the skydiving challenge is to jump from the Battle Bus and fly through the ring. To complete this challenge, you need to jump near the Steam Stack area. Here you will see the rings. All you have to do is pass through one of those rings.

Even if you miss the ring in your first attempt, you can always construct a ramp to the ring, and then jump through it. There are rings above the smokestacks as well.

Other challenges for the week are:

  • Deal damage to opponents from below.
  • Deal 500 damage to opponents while in water.
  • 3 eliminations with shotguns.
  • Search 5 chests in a single match.
  • 3 eliminations from within 5 meters.
  • Use a zipline in 2 different matches.
  • Search 7 ammo boxes at Steamy Stacks or Holly Hedges.

Players get a set of new challenges every Thursday. Initially, the first season of Chapter 2 was scheduled to end this month. Epic, however, announced that it would extend the season to February 2020. As of now, it is not known if the players will get more weekly challenges or any other tasks.

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