Here’s how you can fix the iOS 13 location privacy bug

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Apple’s iOS 13 comes with many new features, but it is not without issues. One major issue that many are talking about is the location privacy bug. Due to the bug, the system is not respecting the location privacy settings of certain apps. If you are also concerned about this problem and want to know to how to fix the iOS 13 location privacy bug, then keep reading.

What is the location privacy bug?

Fast Company first reported about the location privacy bug last week. It said that the bug isn’t allowing users to change their location privacy settings for some apps. As proof, Fast Company also uploaded a video in which a user tries to set Facebook’s location tracking setting to “Never,” but each time, the setting automatically reverts to “Ask Next Time.”

Other than Facebook, the location privacy bug is affecting many other apps as well. For the unaffected apps, the privacy settings are working as expected.

Apple is already aware of the location privacy bug. The company has assured users that it will fix the issue with iOS 13.1, which is expected to be available sometime later today. iOS 13.1 will release nearly a week after the launch of iOS 13. Previously, the release date for iOS 13.1 was fixed for later this month, but Apple moved it up, probably to address the many known bugs.

“Unfortunately, new software is always likely to have issues. It’s important to call out that in this case, it appears to have been unintentional and it’s being addressed quickly,” security researcher Sean Wright said, according to Forbes.

How to fix the iOS 13 location privacy bug

There are a few things you can do to get rid of this privacy bug. First, if you haven’t yet upgraded to iOS 13, then it would be better to postpone updating until iOS 13.1 is available for you.

Second, if you have already installed iOS 13, then make sure that you update to iOS 13.1. For those who have set updates to auto-install, the update will install automatically. Those who don’t have such a setting can check for the update by heading to Settings  > General > Software Update.

Third, until iOS 13.1 is available, you can keep denying the location data requests to the apps asking for it. You can also avoid using such apps for the time being.

Before jumping onto iOS 13.1 when it is available, it is recommended that you wait until there is a confirmation that the update does fix the location privacy bug. Although you can usually trust Apple when it comes to bug fixes, you never know if iOS 13.1 will come with more bugs.

In addition to the location privacy bug, iOS 13.1 should also patch other known issues, including the lockscreen bypass exploit and other minor bugs and crashes. The lockscreen bypass exploit can allow anyone to get access to a user’s contact list. This exploit can be activated by making a FaceTime call and then using the voiceover feature from Siri. Security researcher Jose Rodrigues was the first to highlight the lockscreen bypass exploit.

What to expect from iOS 13.1

In addition to bug fixes, iOS 13.1 comes with new additions as well, including Shortcuts Automations. This new addition allows Siri Shortcuts to run automatically when specific conditions are met. With this new feature, users will no longer have to launch the app or ask Siri to do so manually.

For example, you can set automation to start your playlist when you go out for a run with your Apple Watch. In the same way, you can also add other things, such as switching off the home lights when you go out and switching them back on when you are home.

Other features coming in iOS 13.1 are:

Share ETA in Maps – This feature allows you to share your estimated time of arrival with your contacts while using Maps for directions. This will let others know how your journey is going and when you could arrive.

Dynamic Wallpapers – Apple is expected to tweak the colors and design of the dynamic wallpapers. They will also be made available on more devices.

Volume slider icons – iOS 13.1 will also add new indicators above the volume slider to show the device that is currently in use, such as AirPods, PowerBeats Pro or HomePod.

HomeKit icons – The new update brings new, more detailed icons for many HomeKit devices.

Other expected changes with iOS 13.1 are alpha channel support for HEVC video, better iPad mouse support, changes to adding fonts and more. Apple will also be releasing the first iteration of its iPad-exclusive operating system, iPadOS, today. This new OS will bring many enhancements to iPads.

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