Excellence At Pitching Vs. Excellence At Investing

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Benjamin Ball Associates coaches teams and business leaders to ensure their investor presentations, their pitches and their talks get results – in short, to better “pitch, present and persuade”.

In this Opalesque.TV BACKSTAGE video, Ben talks about common mistakes made by hedge funds and asset managers when raising money . All too often, the firm’s story does not stand out, documents are hard to read, and the meeting feels like a sales pitch. As an expert outsider, Benjamin Ball Associates offer unbiased advice about the experience investors want, while helping asset managers create successful meetings, documents and pitches.

He adds insights about:

  • The importance of the first impression
  • Why the best asset raisers are both competent and likeable (Harvard Study)
  • The five key elements in presenting and marketing
  • Why excellence at pitching is as important as in investing.,

Excellence At Pitching Vs. Excellence At Investing

He asks managers and their teams uncomfortable questions such as “are you really as good as you think?” when it comes to pitching and presenting.

Over the last 10 years, London-based Benjamin Ball and his team have built a systematic approach to pitching and presenting while assisting leaders of major corporations. Clients include Statoil, HSBC, JTI and Olswang as well as many hedge funds and private equity firms. Previously Ben was a corporate financier at dot com specialist Durlacher following senior roles at Pearson, Cable and Wireless and the BBC.

Excellence At Pitching Vs. Excellence At Investing by opalesque.tv

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