Evercore Wins Across The Board In Investment Bank Rankings

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Evercore had a near-perfect score of 99.9, but Blackstone was hot on the firm’s heels with a score of 99.8.

The folks at Wall Street Oasis have released the latest edition of their investment bank rankings based on data collected from employees of the banks. Evercore is the big overall winner, with Blackstone coming in at second place.

Evercore wins

To come up with the rankings for the overall category, the folks at Wall Street Oasis asked employees the following question: “Overall, how satisfied are you working for this company?” They analyzed responses from thousands of Wall Street Oasis members and ranked each firm on a percentile basis across the 5,000 companies they have in their database.

Evercore had a near-perfect score of 99.9, but Blackstone was hot on the firm’s heels with a score of 99.8. In third place was Harris Williams & Co. with a score of 99.5, while Goldman Sachs lagged further behind with a score of 98.3. William Blair was in fifth place with a score of 97.4, according to Wall Street Oasis’ investment bank rankings.

Evercore performs well across all categories

Those who have been following all of the investment bank rankings from Wall Street Oasis probably noticed that Evercore has performed extremely well in all of the categories. The firm ranked at the top of the list for investment banks employees would recommend to friends, although Blackstone beat Evercore in terms of prestige and pride.

Evercore also topped the list for having the smartest managers. Although the firm did not win any of the other sub-categories in leadership, it did rank pretty highly in them all. The firm came in second place behind Blackstone for the best-paying investment banks and topped the list in job promotions and fairness. Evercore won the sub-category for best recognition and praise and the way it promotes employees.

In case you’re wondering about the full list, here it is. Infographic is courtesy Wall Street Oasis.

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