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Evercore Investment Banks

Wall Street Oasis has sorted and analyzed thousands of submissions from users to its company database to rank investment banks on various metrics. The website will be releasing those rankings for the next month or so and plans to release its ranking on employee promotions this week. ValueWalk got a sneak peak at the rankings from Wall Street Oasis.

Investment banks rated in three categories

The online community created three categories in job promotions and fairness. Evercore Partners Inc. (NYSE:EVR) won two of the three categories.

Harris Williams & Co. ranked at the top of the list for best feedback employees received about their performance. The bank received a ratings score of 99.8. Piper Jaffray was close on the bank’s heels with a score of 99.6, and Evercore came in third place with a score of 99.3.

Evercore topped the list in best recognition and praise

Evercore Partners Inc. (NYSE:EVR) topped the list in best recognition and praise received when employees do a good job, with a score of 99.8. Piper Jaffray was again in second place, with a score of 99.5, and Harris Williams & Co. came in third with a score of 98.8.

The third category was fairness in terms of how the banks promote employees and how they treat them in general. Evercore was again on top with a sore of 99.9, while Blackstone was in second place with a score of 98.6. Robert W. Baird & Co. came in third place with a score of 96.7.

The full list is embedded below. Infographic is courtesy WallStreetOasis.com.

Best Investment Banks - Fairness Evercore

Other categories planned

Wall Street Oasis is also planning to release rankings in other categories. In the coming weeks, the online community will focus on employee compensation at the largest investment banks, senior management, prestige and pride, and general lifestyle balance for employees. The website will also release the overall ratings for investment banks based on scores across all the categories toward the end of next month.

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