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A Guide To Ethernet Cables

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When it comes to using network cables for setting up any connection, whether for a home or office, choosing a perfect cable is always a daunting task.

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However, there are many types of ethernet cables available for different purposes. Before you select any one of its type, you need to decide for what purpose you require these cables.

Before you purchase a cable, you should also know what length of ethernet cable you require. While buying plenum cables, you may come across different types.

It is also better to consider the quantity of ethernet cables. Do you want it in bulk or a small quantity?

If you want bulk cat5e plenum cables or cat 6 cables, it is always recommended to buy these goods from trusted cable providers. Buying cables from trusted sources, you will get better quality.

For more about ethernet cables, read on for more helpful information.

Ethernet Cables - At A Glance

An ethernet cable is the medium that connects all the systems and servers together. It plays an integral role in cabling for both residential and commercial purposes.

While talking about networking, it is of three types of Ethernet cable technologies: wireless, internet and cloud computing.

Though it may seem that the latter two are taking over business, the actual scenario depicts wired networks to be the most beneficial.

Ethernet cable technology is preferred the most for private networks which is why it won’t ever go out of trend. It has been getting more advanced to offer improved and superior performance.

Wiring is efficient, as are Ethernet cables, but it doesn’t mean all types of cables are good.

Every cable is created with different technology in mind and used for varied purposes. For a better knowledge of the types of ethernet cables, have a look at the following types of cables.

Types Of Ethernet Cables

The first thing to consider while selecting the most appropriate cable is to become acquainted with its types.

There are five types of Ethernet cables available in the market ― Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7. Among them all, Cat5 and Cat5e are most commonly used.

  1. Cat5 Cable

Cat5 falls in the category 5. It is the primary type of Ethernet cable that was considered the most reliable in terms of efficiency and functionality before Cat5e came into force.

  1. Cat5e Cable

Cat5e is an enhanced version of Cat5 Ethernet cables. Eventually, Cat5e overtook the efficiency of Cat5. Most probably, both of them are similar, it is just that Cat5e offers better speed and it is precisely tested against potential electrical interference.

  1. Cat6 Cable

Every new category rolls out with an upgraded version of the previous one. Therefore, Cat6 is a bit faster than Cat5. When there is a need for transferring heavy files and communication with a local network that is high, Cat6 proves to be a better choice.

  1. Cat6a Cable

The acronym of Cat6a is Category 6a, in which "A" stands for augmented. As compared to Cat6, Cat6a delivers better performance and functionality. The speed of data can reach 10GB per second at up to 100 meters of the Cat6a cable.

  1. Cat7 Cable

As it is the most advanced type of Ethernet cables, it is the upgraded version of all the types of cables. It will support greater speed for a longer length of cable. Cat7 is not in the market as of yet as it is in the planning stage.


Hopefully this overview of ethernet cables should make it easier for you to pick the right one for you.

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