All That You Need To Know On Getting An Electronic Visa Waiver For Entering UK

All That You Need To Know On Getting An Electronic Visa Waiver For Entering UK
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If you’d thought that you require having family or friends in the UK for being able to visit the country, you’re wrong. All you need is an Electronic Visa Waiver UK (EVW) to travel to the UK for business, leisure, study and for common reasons of visiting your friends and family members. The EVW has to be applied by citizens of Oman, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Once you complete the application online, you’ll be granted the authorization within few hours.

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This special visa doesn’t permit the applicants to start working in the UK but it does give them a chance to visit the main attractions of the country and stay there for a stretch of 6 months. You can get an Electronic Visa Waiver if you’re a citizen of Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. You have to pay 30 pounds for an EVW.

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Basic Requirements For Getting An Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW)

All passport holders from applicants from Oman, Kuwait, UAE or Qatar can apply for an EVW before they venture on a short trip to the UK for a single entry of up to 6 months. Nevertheless, applicants have to satisfy all the requirements mentioned below:

  • Own a current passport
  • Own an address in the UK where you are planning to stay
  • Own all details of the journey, including arrival and departure dates and times
  • Submit the EVW application within 3 months 48 hours before the actual date of traveling to the UK

In general, the result of your application gets delivered within a few hours but in some cases, it may take up to multiple days. People who think of applying for an EVW should fulfill all the above listed conditions for entry and make sure they are medically and criminally permissible to enter the United Kingdom.

Rules Before You Apply For An EVW

Before you apply for an EVW, you should feed in all your personal details so that they are in perfect match with your passport. This is true with the punctuations, for instance, hyphens, spaces, full stops and apostrophes. Besides, the travel details should also be accurate. In fact, you won’t be permitted to travel in case your travel or personal details are inaccurate.

Each person who is traveling to the UK needs to own their EVW, including children. In case, your EVW has been applied by someone else on your behalf, they should enter both their and your contact details.

Rules After You Apply For An EVW

You will receive an email within 24 hours that carries the link through which you can download your EVW. Make sure you show this special visa whenever you enter the United Kingdom. You may also print it or display the same from your mobile, tablet or any electronic device. Two things to remember are:

  • That you can’t work within the UK with your EVW and
  • That you can’t get married or even register a civil partnership with this document

Your Electronic Visa Waiver will only allow you to enter the United Kingdom once. For your next visit, you’d require applying for one more EVW.

When Is It The Right Time To Apply For An EVW Application?

The appropriate window for application of an EVW is between 3 months to 48 hours before the exact date of your flight. Nevertheless, the usual time is nearly 7 days from the application date. There are several visa specialists that process these applications within a day, making sure you get rapid delivery of the document. So, keeping in mind both timeframes, it is clear that the ideal time for application is from 1-2 months before your arrival date in the UK.

3 Simple Steps For Application Of EVW

  1. Complete the online application by following the above listed steps
  2. Confirm your payment
  3. Receive the approved visa

Is It Safe To Apply Online?

One of the biggest benefits of applying online is reliability. There are several visa specialists that assist customers in getting the document that they need. You can sit back and relax knowing that customer details are secured, encrypted and that there’s no one who can get a peek into your details.

What If There Are Changes In Your Travel Plans?

One more thing that you need to remember is that you should alter travel information on your EVW if you:

  • Choose to travel at some other time
  • Arrive at or leave from another airport, train station or port than what was planned
  • Arrive in the United Kingdom more than 8 hours later than the scheduled time

You’ll require your date or birth and the EVW number in order to make the necessary changes.

So, if you belong to any of the enlisted countries, get your EVW by following the steps given above to enter the UK for your next vacation.

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