Download Kodi 17.5 Nightly Alpha Build For New Bug Fixes

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We got a new Kodi update just days ago which offered up a lengthy list of bug fixes. Now, the Kodi team has released another update. This time we get to download Kodi 17.5 nightly alpha build. For those that don’t know what a nightly build is; basically it’s a version that is receiving ongoing updates. So, needless to say, the Kodi 17.5 nightly build may not yet be ready for a full public release.

That may explain why there’s almost no mention of the release on the Kodi website other than their downloads section. When Kodi 17.4 was released we got a big blog update from the Kodi team with a list of bug fixes that were available in the newest release. With Kodi 17.5 there’s nothing like that. We have the option to download Kodi 17.5 nightly alpha and that’s about it. This makes it very hard to know what kind of fixes the team has been working on and what we will be able to notice in the new version.

We can almost guarantee that the Kodi 17.5 nightly build has no new features to speak of. The Kodi team is working hard on Kodi v18, also known as “Leia.” In Leia they will reveal several new features for users. Recent updates like last week’s Kodi 17.4 update have focused on bug fixes and stability improvements. That’s likely the focus with the new Kodi 17.5 nightly build. Of course, being a nightly build, Kodi 17.5 may still have some bugs to iron out before the average user is ready to start using the newest update. This is likely why the new update was pushed to the website with little to no fanfare from the Kodi team themselves. They don’t want casual users trying the new software and experiencing issues.

If you like to experiment with new updates despite the occasional bug then, by all means, download Kodi 17.5 nightly alpha. You can do so by visiting the Kodi download page. When you select your platform you will see an option for a nightly download. That’s your ticket right there. However, if you just want a stable version of Kodi and you don’t want to deal with potential bugs or crashes: I would strongly recommend sticking with Kodi 17.4 for now. Once Kodi 17.5 reaches the beta stage then you can probably safely update if you would like. If you aren’t experiencing any issues with Kodi 17.4 right now then I would stick with it until there’s a new, non-alpha or beta release of version 17.5.

Personally, I’m sticking with my trusty Kodi 17.4 for now. What will you do? Will you go ahead and download Kodi 17.5 nightly alpha or wait for a more mature version?

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