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How To Download iOS 11 Beta Over-The-Air (OTA) On iPhone, iPad

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While WWDC was undeniably the spotlight for Apple’s HomePod smart speaker, it’s better known for software. As such, iPhone, iPad, and some iPod owners now have a new mobile OS to look forward too. So, as you would expect, the race is on to download and check out the iOS 11 Beta. However, it appears that some are running into problems downloading the Beta via the over-the-air (OTS) method. If that’s you, don’t worry, we’re can help, take a look at the tips, and the how to tutorial below.

iOS 11 Beta

Now whatever problem you think you are having with the downloading of the iOS 11 Beta. Most problems can be tracked down and fixed by doing the following.

  1. It seems obvious, but maker sure you’re attempting to download via WiFi. Trying to do so using a mobile data connection is not the way to do it.
  2. To protect your device should it’s battery run out, it is advised that you either have at least a 50-percent charge. Alternatively, connect to a wired power source, this will ensure an uninterrupted download.
  3. Could your problem be related to not having enough storage space remaining on your device? If so, take a look at what you don’t need and remove it to clear space.

Unfortunately, if you have the above already in place, or it just didn’t help you, there’s one more solution. And that’s to delete the iOS 11 Beta profile.

How To Download And Reinstall The iOS 11 Beta Profile

While the following tutorial is a relatively short one, you should still approach it with caution. The best way is to read, understand, and then act upon each step individually, that way you can avoid mistakes.

So here goes, please ask questions in the comments section below if you require our help.

1. With your battery at least at 50-percent or the handset plugged into a power outlet, go to the Home Screen.

2. Next, find and then tap on the Settings App, followed by tapping General.

3. On the next screen, scroll downward until you find Profile and tap it.

4. Next look for the option Delete Profile and tap that too.

5. Once you have deleted the iOS 11 Beta profile, you should Reboot your device.

6. Once it is again ready to be used go to the Apple Developer Center and download the iOS 11 Beta profile again.

7. When the new profile is downloaded, go to Settings >> General >> Software Update and attempt to download the over-the-air file again.

Final Thoughts

And there you have them; we hope you either find that the tips or the tutorial help. However, if after trying you still have problems downloading the over-the-air update. Please use the comments section to get in touch; we may be able to help further.

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