Download iOS 11 Beta 5 Now: So What’s New?

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Developers can download iOS 11 Beta 5 right now. There are several new features in the beta that are worth experimenting with, such as drag and drop and a new interface for the iPad that increases the tablet’s multitasking abilities.

Developers can download iOS 11 Beta 5

Only developers that participate in Apple’s paid beta testing program can download iOS 11 beta 5 right now. Those who take part in the iPhone maker’s public beta program will have to wait until Apple rolls the fifth beta out publicly, which could be in a few days. If you are part of the paid program and you’re ready for the next step, you can download iOS 11 Beta 5 in the Settings app via an over-the-air update.

Now that Apple is getting to the fifth beta of iOS 11, many of the tweaks and updates are bug fixes and aimed at improving performance. However, there are still bound to be a few new things to try out, especially for iPad users. The full iOS 11 version will likely roll out early next month about a week after the next iPhones are unveiled.

Here’s what’s new in iOS 11 beta 5

Based on the release notes, one of the more noticeable change you’ll see when you download iOS 11 Beta 5 is that Apple has removed Messages in iCloud because it apparently wasn’t working very well for a lot of users. The company plans to add it back in with a future version of iOS 11.

Apple says the fifth beta fixes problems with AirPlay, especially with tapping the AirPlay button in videos that weren’t full screen. Doing so in the fourth beta often crashed some apps. Apple also says it fixed a bug in Calendar that caused it to crash when users dragged items into the app. Further, the company said Siri should now be able to get directions in Maps even when the user has “Do Not Disturb While Driving” active. Apple also resolved multiple Media-related issues in iOS 11 Beta 5.

Here’s what else is coming in iOS 11

It seems pretty clear why developers are getting excited about iOS 11. Apple has made quite a few changes, like the customizable Control Center and the addition of the Notification Center to the Lockscreen. The Messages app is also getting peer-to-peer payments via Apple Pay and a new App Drawer.

The iPad is getting several new features aimed at improving multitasking, such as the new drag and drop feature. Developers have also clearly been having fun playing with augmented reality via Apple’s new ARKit software development kit. Apple has also added a new Control Center and Files app to make it easier to find things.

When Apple moves on to the next beta version of iOS 11, we’ll let you know, but for now, head to the Settings app to download iOS 11 Beta 5 now if you’re part of the paid beta testing program.

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