Didn’t get coronavirus stimulus checks yet? Two IRS deadlines approaching fast

Didn’t get coronavirus stimulus checks yet? Two IRS deadlines approaching fast
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Those who haven’t yet received the first stimulus checks, or are still waiting for one, must be aware of two key deadlines approaching fast. These two IRS deadlines are for those who don’t typically file tax returns, but are eligible to get the coronavirus stimulus checks of up to $1,200 and dependent payment of $500.

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September 30 deadline for dependent payment

The first IRS deadline is September 30, and it is for those who received the stimulus checks, but didn’t get the $500 dependent payment. Mainly this deadline is for those who get Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Department of Veterans Affairs or Railroad Retirement Board benefits.

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Moreover, this deadline applies to those who did not use the non-filer online portal before May 5 to enter the dependent information. According to the IRS, those who used the tool after May 5 to submit their information will get the payment automatically.

Such users have until September 30 to share the dependent information with the IRS using the non-filer online portal. They can also use the Free File Fillable Forms site to claim the dependent payment. If the users miss this deadline, they will still get the payment, but they would have to claim the credit when they file their tax returns next year.

These users will get the dependent payment in the same way they got their stimulus checks, either through direct deposit or paper checks. Users can also check the status of their payment by going to the Get My Payment tool.

October 15 deadline to get coronavirus stimulus checks

Another IRS deadline approaching fast is the October 15 deadline for non-filers. This deadline is for those who haven’t yet received the coronavirus stimulus checks because the IRS doesn’t have information on them. Such people typically do not file tax returns, but are still eligible to get the stimulus checks.

The IRS has been making efforts to contact such people and inform them about the October 15 deadline. The agency said last week that it would send out letters to these nine million people informing them about the deadline and how they can still get their coronavirus stimulus checks.

Such users also need to use the IRS non-filer online portal to share their information with the IRS. The agency’s non-filer tool is primarily for those who make less than $12,200 annually (less than $24,400 for married couples). Those who don’t have any income or don’t work could also use this portal to give their information to the IRS.

On the other hand, those who get an income tax credit or child tax credit must not use this tool, rather file a regular tax return.

Those who are eligible for coronavirus stimulus checks, but miss this October 15 deadline will still be able to claim the payment as a credit on their tax return next year.

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