How To Make L.L.Bean Mastercard Payment: Online, Phone or Mail

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L L Bean is a midsize retailer —54 stores— based in Maine, U.S., that’s been in the outdoor gear market for more than 100 years. Like many retailers, L L Bean offers a consumer credit card with perks and rewards that can be managed with an account online.

In this article, you’ll learn about the Bean credit card login, how to access your account online, how to pay your Bean credit card, the customer service hours, and other key information regarding services.

Benefits Of L L Bean Credit Card

With the L L Bean Mastercard, you earn Bean Bucks based on your spending. Each Bean Buck costs $1, which is a dollar for a road trip.

In many cases, when you earn points with rewards programs, you get a cent per point for money or travel reimbursement.

Further, the Bean credit card offers 4% cashback on your purchase amount, so spending $100 means four Bean Bucks or $4 in rewards, which is a relatively high reward rate.

The 2% cashback for table and gas is decent, though less extraordinary.

Online Account Access

To access your L L Bean account online, you need to visit the L L Bean Mastercard site, where you just need to enter your ID and password —or if you don’t have an account, you can set it up.

L L Bean Mastercard Login

You can access the Bean credit card login by clicking here. Once you access your account online, you can make payments and manage your credit card.

L L Bean Citibank Credit Card Services

The Bean credit card login and the account itself are administered by Citibank —Citigroup Inc (NYSE:C)— and offer you what you need to manage your Bean Mastercard. To pay the card, you can go several ways as explained below.

L L Bean Bill Pay Phone Number

To pay via telephone, you can communicate with customer service by dialing 1-866-484-2614. Besides payments, the staff will offer you other services such as support for your inquiries.

L L Bean Credit Card Payment Address

To pay via post, you must address your envelope to:

L L Bean Mastercard Payments

PO Box 9001068

Louisville KY 40290 – 1068

Customer Service Hours

Bean credit card customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need support outside the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, you can dial 208-822-2029.

How to Make A L.L. Bean Visa Credit Card Payment

There are several ways to make a Bean credit card payment, and you can choose any of them based on your convenience.


To make payments via your account online, you can use the Bean credit card login. If you already have an account, just enter your ID and password, access your account information, and follow the prompts.

You can make a unique payment or set up a monthly automatic payment, depending on your cash flow.

By Phone

To pay by phone, dial 1-866-484-2614 and follow the prompts. If you require any assistance to make your payment, you have the option to be directed to a customer service agent.

By Mail

You can pay via mail, so you must address your check or money order, together with the payment coupon from your billing statement, to the address provided above.

Via The Mobile App

You can use your Bean credit card login on the app, access your account online, and execute payments —just make sure to download it from your App Store or Android.


When Did L L Bean Change Return Policy?

L L Bean had a lifetime return policy should you be able to provide a solid argument about why you’re returning an item.

However, despite being one of the best return policies in America, buyers abused it and were returning items in deplorable conditions.

So, in 2018, the company changed this and implemented a one-year return policy, only if items prove defective.

Does L L Bean Ship With USPS?

Indeed it does. The company uses UPS —United Parcel Service Inc (NYSE:UPS) and USPS. According to their website, “Most available items can be shipped free to the L.L.Bean store near you, where you can pick them up at your convenience.”

What Is the Stock Symbol for L L Bean?

L L Bean does not have a ticker symbol, which means you cannot buy L L Bean stock. The company is also not weighing any Initial Public Offering for now.

Final Thoughts

With the pandemic easing over, people are flocking to outdoor recreation stores to buy hiking and camping products. By being a key outdoor retail player, an L L Bean credit card can offer you the perks you need to become a regular.

Besides the benefits, there are many channels through which you can manage your card —the most convenient one, online— and you can make payments very easily via mobile app, the Bean credit card login, and even regular mail!