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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
voice and visual search

6 Tips For Helping You Succeed In Voice And Visual Search

The growth of smart technology has made the internet very accommodative and easy to find content. Visually impaired people who previously had to be...
tech hacks

8 Best App Makers to Create Your Own App

If you are here, you most likely have an idea for an app but have no clue how to make it a reality. To...
Apple Watch Series 3 GPS

Apple Watch Series 3 Smartwatches On Sale From Just $199

Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatches on sale, starting from just $199 shipped from Amazon or Walmart! Stack this promo with this amazing Amex deal...
Kindle E-reader - Black With 6-Inch Display

25% Off Select Amazon Devices With AMEX Point Or Discover Cashback

Stack additional savings with 25% off on select Amazon Devices such as Kindles and Fire Sticks with targeted savings for AMEX and Discover cardholders. ...
staying at home

Five gadgets to make staying at home a little easier

Staying at home right now is essential, but it’s not always that fun. To help you pass the time, technology expert MyMemory has put...

8 Steps to Securing Online Privacy

Last week, I set out my reasons for expecting serious civil liberties and privacy problems under a Trump presidency. I strongly recommended that you...
Procrastination, Forgetfulness, Object Association

A ‘Stop In Your Tracks’ Hack For Forgetfulness

A 'Stop In Your Tracks' Hack For Forgetfulness If the road to hell is often paved with good intentions, the road to forgetting is...
hangouts history

How To Turn Off History In Hangouts, And Why You’d Want To

Google is in the process of improving Hangouts, and the company has introduced many changes in the past few days. Google Hangouts will eventually...
Kodi 17.2 available now to download

How To Fix Kodi Krypton 17 / 17.1 And Stop Crashing [GUIDE]

If you're a Kodi Krypton user and have not had any problems with the media management tool, congratulations. Why? Because, many others have been...
Vimeo Plus or Vimeo Pro

Vimeo Plus or Vimeo Pro: Which Is The Right Option?

There is a slew of video hosting services on the internet. With both free and paid platforms available, users are often tempted to save...
Micro Mini Kickboard Scooter

Micro Mini Kickboard Scooter For Just $50

Micro Mini Kickboard Scooter for just $32.50-$42.50 and more micro scooters on sale after Amazon Cyber Monday savings! All prices are available for multiple...

Don’t Like Font On A Website? Change It Using This Chrome Extension

Since we've got a plethora of information on various websites on the Internet, it is essential that the information is presented in a clean...

HoverReader Lets You Read Articles With Just A Hover On The Link

The Internet is full of information, sometimes useful and sometimes useless. However, you have to search for what you are looking for. However there...

Control Different Volume Settings From One Central Place On Android

If there's one nagging problem with the Android OS  it's with the way it handles volume settings. Some people find it really confusing. For...
Downgrade iOS 11

How To Downgrade iOS 11 To An Older Version [Guide]

Check out how to downgrade iOS 11, if Apple’s new operating system is not your cup of tea. Apple’s new operating system, iOS 11, came...